North Beach Update: Filming Begins Anew for NBC’s Horrible “Trauma” TV Show

If you liked ER, you might like Trauma – it will be coming soon to a television near you.

But if you never witnessed ER, then it’s hard to imagine you’d consider San Francisco-based Trauma to be anything but more dreck from the L.A. County “dream factory.” JMO. 

This is how the 1100 block of Kearny looked this afternoon. Click to expand:

IMG_6992 copy

There appeared to be a struggle getting this heavy piece of equipment down the block:

IMG_7004 copy

The stars taking a break? Looks that way.

IMG_7000 copy

And, of course, lots of people standing around on the clock doing nothing. Doing nothing avec attitude, actually. At least Hollywood has access to an interesting outdoor set. (You know, lots of productions were shot on this very spot over the years.)

Let’s hope the suits down south feel it’s generally worth the hassle of filming (or taping?) here instead of Vancouver or thereaboot, eh?

IMG_6996 copy

But you know what? A feature on what it’s like to film in the City and County, well, that could very easily be watchable.

Anyway, Trauma itself is just so much grist for the boob tube. In NBC’s own words:

Like an adrenaline shot to the heart, Trauma is an intense, action-packed..”

Prose like that gags, doesn’t it? 

And here’s an early review from somebody who generally just loves TV:

“I’ve made my way through all the pilots for the new fall season. And I’m ready to declare the new shows I’m most excited about for the fall. (As a side note I’m most worried about NBC, I didn’t like “Trauma” or “Mercy” but that’s a column for another time).”

That’s right, Open 4 Business Productions, LLC also helped produce Mercy, the other warmed-over ER copycat debuting on the Peacock this autumn. Oh well.

Leaving you with a Roll Call of victims and perpetrators:


Derek Luke
Cliff Curtis
Anastasia Griffith
Kevin Rankin
Aimee Garcia
Billy Lush
Jamey Sheridan
Dr. Joe


Executive Producer/Writer
Dario Scardapane
Executive Producers
Peter Berg
Friday Night LightsSarah Aubrey
Friday Night Lights
Executive Producer/Director
Jeff Reiner
Friday Night Lights Studio


Universal Media Studios

Film 44

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15 Responses to “North Beach Update: Filming Begins Anew for NBC’s Horrible “Trauma” TV Show”

  1. marshall zarate says:

    id would like to know if you need extras because i seen on nbc

  2. Anonymous says:

    why is it horrible? Is this S.F charm? To completely dog something out before you even give it a chance? Wow, YOU are horibble.

  3. sfcitizen says:

    I’d say the reason has to do with it being a warmed-over E.R replacement, that’s the primary reason.

    Did anybody promise you “SF charm”?

    The pilot, that’s what’s horrible. Do you think the regular series will be better?

  4. Steve says:

    “And, of course, lots of people standing around on the clock doing nothing. Doing nothing avecattitude, actually.”

    And this blog is? and the people who are reading this at work are?

  5. sfcitizen says:

    This blog rocks, baby. So it is that which rocks.

    I doubt very much people would ever read this blog from work – that’d be almost like stealing from an employer.

  6. joel says:

    You should be excited NBC is bringing there “horrible show” to our city. It is creating allot of jobs that we desperately need. on a side note you should change your name to San Francisco Criticizer

  7. sfcitizen says:

    Have you seen the pilot? Have you seen it?

    Maybe the result of all this effort is horrible product AND all this effort employs people. You know, like GM before the bailout?

    Is it possible that NBC would start a series that turns out to be no good? Perhaps it’s even a probability?

  8. Don Martin says:

    Bio – San Franciscan, early, Taraval street playhouse, retail, Hotel SF Hilton Bellman, Desk Clerk, Radio Bdcst school, background in Bulllet, leads to e-card, Take The Money and Run “Woody” — to la–la– “Dancer” They Shoot Horses @ Warners then, now The Burbank Studios Stand in The Rievers,’ for Clifton James Solar Productions— Star Trek Paramount Silent Bit-“-background on” pilot and thirteen episodes of A Spelling’s ” The New People”– original LOST. Stunts for “Land Of The Giants” Fox , Stunt for Disney Bednobs And Broomsticks..To Radio Bdcst Riverside KDUO FM ” The Stereo Sandman” Back to la-la Asst Film Editor KNBC NEWS,Asst Film Editor QM’s Barnaby Jones, Sound Effects Library Paramount, Foley, looping asst sound editor Amsterdam Kill
    Back to San Francisco early 80’s Cab Driver for Luxor Cabs 5 yrs married moved to north bay, Sold Cars For Hertz then to Winery Sales 15 yrs Last stage work couple of yrs ago 1940’s Radio Show ” POPS” the stage doorman Rohnert Park Center for the Performing Arts… Background “Nobleman” in Bedtime Stories, Adam Sandler — KRCB TV Voiceover station Promo

    Member S A G / IATSE

    Don Martin


    707-548-0936 cell


  9. Don Martin says:

    Very interested in working on this Actor/Crew/ location scout, sound, Voiceover, Or Asst of some sort.

  10. Don Martin says:

    San Franciscan, with 10yrs in LA Film Extra to Actor To asst Film Editor, sound, Voiceover, Taxi Driver LUXOR cabs in San Francisco
    Avail for any SAG/IATSE or Asst Prod

  11. Simile says:

    You seem unaware (or not to care) that 95% of the dozens of crew (and supporting cast and dozens of background extras employed per episode) are Bay Area locals and that the production is pumping millions of dollars into the city’s economy.
    Where did you view the show to be able to judge whether it’s “horrible”?

  12. sfcitizen says:

    I’m not aware of the exact percentage, certainly it’s very high.

    Isn’t it obvious that nearby bars and restaurants and strip clubs will have more business because of this production? Doesn’t it go without saying?

    Temporarily, you all are a part of the Hollywood set – O.K. fine, what do you all want me to do about that?

    I viewed the pilot in San Francisco. Do you think the pilot is going to change in any way that could possibly matter over the next 1.5 months?

    Do you think the regular show will be more appealing than the “testoerone-fueled” (or whatever the Hell) pilot? If so, why?

    Do you think this tiny, tiny corner of the Internet could possibly have any effect on when your serial gets cancelled or goes on hiatus or whatever?

  13. teresa says:

    These folks seem to delight in filming near my workplace, where they feel comfortable taking up all the space, rerouting all the people who are out living real lives, not making fake ones for TV. Recently, with two days notice, and without asking anyone, they took over all the parking on a block with 2 preschools (and hence 2 white zones for loading little ones!). ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Boo Trauma! They are inconsiderate. I will not be sad if their show is unsuccessful.