San Francisco Theater Festival a Huge Success at Yerba Buena Gardens

This is what the Sixth Annual San Francisco Theater Festival looked like today down in the SoMA‘s Yerba Buena Gardens:

Click to expand:

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Here’s the sched and here are a bunch of photos. That should whet your appetite for next year.

Yes, it’s all free. See you next year!

“The San Francisco theater scene can become stronger and more vigorous, appealing to community members who do not currently benefit from the contribution theater arts make to one’s life through activities like the Theater Festival. Director Peter Sellars has noted that bringing people together for a shared theatrical experience does more than create good art; it creates and nurtures a sense of community and an interest in the common good.

The Festival creates access and expands the theater audience. Working together to put on the Festival, the theater community conducts a large-scale event that gains the attention of the broader community. The Festival induces cross-pollination of audiences as attendees interested in one performing group stay to see others. As the Festival grows, we will see theater audiences expanding, leading to more performances, more productions, and more theater jobs, as well as a richer cultural experience for all community members.

While there are festivals for film, dance, jazz, blue grass, beer, and wine, there is no comparable festival for theater. The San Francisco Theater Festival is unique. This is the only showcase for Bay Area live theater, presenting the full spectrum of theater groups. This is the only festival that takes place on one day or a single weekend, providing the audience with an opportunity to sample conveniently the many theaters available here. This is the only FREE festival, thereby providing open access to all.”

All the Players, after the jump.

Featured at the 2009 festival:

  • Wicked – Cast members from the hit show will perform beginning at 1 pm.
  • Beach Blanket Babylon – Cast members will give a sample of their long-running show, following Wicked.
  • David Alan Grier, star of stage, screen & TV will host the above.
  • Lamplighters Musical Theatre – excerpts from “My Fair Lady.”
  • Dan Hoyle – excerpts from his new original solo show based on travels to small town/rural America, entitled “Right?”
  • Charlie Varon – excerpts from his acclaimed show at The Marsh, “Rabbi Sam.”
  • Killing My Lobster – will perform its hilarious sketch comedy.
  • PlayGround – Two short plays from the Best of PlayGround Festival.
  • The Mountain Play, excerpts from “Man of La Mancha.”
  • Tanya Shaffer’s “Sid Arthur,” a very modern take on Buddha’s life.
  • Shanique Scott – a riveting solo performance about a young girl’s dreams of a better life.
  • BATS Improv – Two teams of hilarious improvisers compete.
  • Blue Blanket Improv – Wild & wacky theatre.
  • No Nude Men presents “Tai-Sharm & the King of Baraquil,” a fable told in their inimitable comedic style.
  • Ray of Light – Musical excerpts from “TOMMY.”
  • Crowded Fire – “Wormhole,” a young woman’s journey in the afterlife and an alternate reality.
  • Unique Derique, world-renowned juggler and clown, wows the kids in the Children’s Festival at the Zeum.

Performance Groups Represented:…And Still…, Add Verb Productions, Alex Koll, Andrea Mock, Angelina Llongveras, Ann Marie Production, Antistrophe Ensemble, ArcLight Theatre, Artis Mundi, AtmosTheatre, Ayodele Nzinga, BATS Improv, Beach Blanket Babylon, Big City Improv, Big Deal Theatre, “Bloomsday Mechanicals – Mechanics Institute, SF”, Blue Blanket Improv, Broadway Bound, Bruce Pachtman, Chagall Improv, ChaoShao Bao Theatre Company, Charlie Varon, Colleen Nakamoto, Colored Ink, ComedySportz San Jose, Cora Jean’s, Old Skool Cafe, Crazed Ape Productions, Crisis Hopkins, Crowded Fire, CSU EastBay – Almond Eyes, Dan Hoyle, Dan Wolf, David Kleinberg, David Meth, “David Rodgers, Jr./ Invision It Productions”, Debra Netkin, Debra Schifrin, Dee Wright Productions, Donald Lacy, Dorothy Richman, Enzo Lombard, Et Ceteras, Flying Monkey Productions, Foothill College Conservatory, Fred Anderson, Hector Zavala, Independent Eye, Indigenous Chaos, Jabari Davis, Jamie Lewis Hadley, Janine Brito, Javier Reyes, JB Saunders, Jeff England, Jeff Greenwald, Joya Cory, Julia Jackson, “Kay Rod Productions for the Arts, Inc.”, Killing My Lobster, L.A. Recovery Theatre, Lamplighters Music Theatre, Larissa Silva, Layon Group, Les Milton, Living Miracle Productions, Lower Bottom Playaz, Magdalena Soul, Martha Rynberg, Michael Sadler, Musical Theatre Works, Naatak, Naked Empire Bouffon Co., Nancy Gold, No Nude Men Productions, Opera Piccola, Pi: The Physical Comedy Troupe, PlayGround, Playland Players, Ray of Light Theatre, Robin Rogers, San Francisco Recovery Theatre, San Francisco Sound Wave Chorus, Seraphim, SF Free Civic Theatre, Shanique Scott, Shopping! The Musical, Sleepwalkers Theatre, Solano College Touring Company, Spear Ensemble, Stagebridge Theatre Company, Stephen Kopel, Sun and Moon Ensemble, Tanya Shaffer, Tell it on Tuesday, Thao P. Nguyen, The Great Zamboni, The Handful Players, The Lower Gym Girls, The Marsh, The Mountain Play, The Oakland Conservatory of Music: Youth Marimba, The Shatner Butt Girls, The Threshold: Theater Becoming, The Uncle Buzzy Show!! Hometown Theater!!, The Walking, Elephant Theatre Company, Thomas John, Three Wise Monkeys Theatre Co., Tony Seymour, Top Shelf (JlaChic), Un-Scripted, Vanessa Lee Khaleel, Virago Theatre Company, Vox Maids, Wicked, Willows Theatre Conservatory, Wily West Productions, Young People’s Teen Musical Theatre Co., Youth for Asian Theater, Youth of the Bay, Zahra Noorbakhsh (Kamau), Zoe Sheli Sameth

Plus Children’s Show PerformersAdvanced Program of Circus Center’s Clown Conservatory, Big City Improv, Brian Scott, Broadway Bound, ChaoShao Bao Theatre Company, Cora Jean’s Old Skool Cafe, Et Ceteras, Flying Monkey Productions, Fred Anderson, Indigenous Chaos, Musical Theatre Works, Nancy Gold, Opera Piccola, Pi: The Physical Comedy Troupe, Solano College Touring Company, The Handful Players, The Keith Show, The Oakland Conservatory of Music: Youth Marimba , The Uncle Buzzy Show!! Hometown Theater!!, The Walking Elephant Theatre Company, Thomas John, Tye the Magic Guy, Unique Derique, Willows Theatre Conservatory, Wily West Productions, Young People’s Teen Musical Theatre Co., Youth for Asian Theater, Zappo the Magician

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