McAllister Repaving Ensures Snickerdoodle Bike Route is Smoother Than Ever

See? That’s smooth, baby.

San Francisco Bike Route 20 (if you’re going west, anyway) on McAllister near Pierce. Click to expand:

IMG_7449 copy

(If you’re heading east, in towards downtown, the Route 20 switches over to hillier Fulton, which is not recommended.)  

And those “lead pipe” attacks (well, not actually lead, probably, but whatever) on cyclists ended more than four years ago. From 2005:


“We’ve received reports of cyclists being assaulted near the corner of Fillmore and McAllister by youths carrying lead pipes during the past few weeks. Use caution when biking through this area after dark, and immediately report any violence to the SFPD by calling 911 (for emergencies) or 553-0123 for non-emergencies.”

So now there’s no excuse not to take The Snick to get to the Golden Gate Park Panhandle bike path.  

If you want…

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3 Responses to “McAllister Repaving Ensures Snickerdoodle Bike Route is Smoother Than Ever”

  1. Ben says:

    They also just finally finished paving 11th street between Folsom and Market. Much smoother now.

  2. eh says:

    when did they renumber the bike routes in the city to make this 30?

  3. sfcitizen says:

    Whoops, good catch. Corrected. Muchas…