Tesla Motors Roadster #6 is Fixed Up and Back on the Road – Hurray!

Here’s the thing you might notice when you espy all-electric Roadsters from Tesla Motors in the San Francisco Bay Area – all the drivers appear to be attractive, thin, athletic women from their late twenties to their early 40’s.

Now of course there are some exceptions, but they tend to prove the rule. Test drives don’t count– everybody’s test-driven these things already. And crashes don’t count either – whenever a Tesla crashes, it’s always a man behind the wheel. (Isn’t that right, ladies?). In my eight-or-so sightings so far on the Streets of San Francisco and beyond, it’s been all women, until this guy:

See him? It’s famous cracked-up-within-hours-of delivery Tesla #6! 

IMG_9682 copy

It’s good to know he got his rig fixed up and he hasn’t killed hisself yet.

Oh yes, another exception is the Lotus Elise. Whenever you see what looks like a Tesla (from some angles it’s really hard to tell, srsly) driven by a dude, it’s actually a Toyota-powered Lotus Elise.

Like this:

IMG_7510 copy

So, if you see a fellow in a Tesla Roadster:

1. He’s cracked it up, or about to crack it up (just like the way one of the “Founders” had a single-car accident in the pre-Tesla era with a “deer,” (that’s the ticket, I’ll blame my accident on a deer – that has verisimilitude!)

2. He’s only test-driving the thing.

3. The car you think is a Tesla is actually a gas-powered Lotus.

Perhaps some mens are too big to fit comfortably in these things on a daily basis, despite all the effort put in to make them easier to get into and out of? Maybe men buy these things and then hand them off to somebody else to actually drive? Possibly.

Any questions?

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