Filming of NBC’s Trauma Moves to San Francisco’s Financial District

Now after all the abuse I took from the Hollywood crowd over this little entry, I was surprised to hear from a person working on the set who said he appreciated my “critical insights” – and plus, he told me where they’d be shooting with a special guest star! I says, “Clooney? It’s gotta be Clooney.” So this Alan guy goes, “Bigger than Clooney.” Wow. So I took the CalTrain down to San Jose  yesterday and went to the exact address but then when I called to check he said they had already moved on to Gilroy.

After another arduous train trip further south, I can’t find anything so I calls Alan and he’s all sorry, we’re back up here in San Fran. (Man, I think that “Mr. Smithee” (if that’s his real name) might have been pulling my leg.) I got back to the City around dinnertime* to see these scenes at 1 Bush Street.

Here are the shots I took with my iPhone (well, somebody’s iPhone, anyway.)

FiDi yuppie gets all shot up. Click to expand:

IMG_8529 copy

Here’s a tip: 8-pointed stars = fake SFPD:

IMG_8524 copy

Here’s the EULA-type thing for walking down Bush Street these days. “In Perpetuity” – that’s a long time:

IMG_8528 copy

And speaking of dinner, it was delish, at least the scraps I was able to finagle – a small reward for my CalTrain odyssey…

IMG_8526 copy

More seriously, look for Trauma on the NBC next month:

Monday, Sept. 28 Trauma, 9 p.m. (NBC)

Don’t miss the special Halloween episode, where a character will (kell surpise!) come out of the closet:

“It’s actually the Halloween episode, so we have the whole San Francisco Halloween gay parade going on and I come out to my partner on the show who is played by Derek Luke.”

Gay Halloween Parade? Really? Mayor Gavin Newsom must have cancelled that before I moved to town, cause I don’t remember that. Sounds like San Francisco though, huh?

The pilot episode is loaded with explosions and crashes ‘n stuff, but don’t expect that all the time. Leave “testosterone-fueled” Trauma to the guys:

‘Trauma’ is more male-skewing – a lot of adrenaline, high-octane action.

You ladies are supposed to watch estrogen-fueled Mercy on NBC  instead. Oh well.

They’re calling Trauma a kind of prequel to ER, showing you what happens before you crash through the double doors at the hospital.

Gage and DeSoto, here we come.

*Or maybe I didn’t go to Gilroy and just chanced upon the scene on the way home from work. One or the other…

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