The Street Chess Players of San Francisco are Waiting Patiently for You on Market

The northwest corner of Fifth and Market Streets has been home to a vibrant street chess scene the past two decades or so. It’s just like regular chess, but with a few bons mots (like “en passant, bitches“) thrown in. And you actually have a chance of winning this Find the King game of chance, as opposed to any Find the Queen or Three Card Monte game you might encounter at Fisherman’s Wharf.

The tables near Market and Fifth Street North feature prominently on lists of chess playing locations worldwideLearn more in the street chess documentary

So many tables, so few tourist suckers to win money off of… 

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So come on down and beat the boys. (Or head indoors over at the nearby Mechanics Institute Library at 57 Post close to Market. They dish out chess-related metaphorical beat-downs there as well.)

And please remember, No Wagering!

See you there.

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