San Francisco Church of Scientology Holds an Open House – Recruiting on Columbus

This is the scene you’ll see these days at 701 Montgomery betwixt the Financh and North Beach – it’s Open House at the Scientology Mothership!

Well, let’s hear the pitch, from spokesmodel Tom Cruise. O.K. fine.  

Fresh-faced recruits/
For ghastly pursuits:

CRW_6289 copy

And let’s hear from the other side, from a recent visitor to the building

“The man from the front came over and said it was a “stress tester” and I immediately volunteered (at this point my date is wondering how fast he can drop me off).  I held these silver canisters in my hands and watched this needle.  

Scientologist: How’s work is going?
A: Fine.  
Scientologist: What is your boss’ name?
A: Erica  
[Needle was pretty steady.]  
Scientologist: What’s your Mom’s name?
A: Pat  
[Needle moves up a bit.]  
Scientologist: What’s your Dad’s name?
A: Bob.  
[Needle jumps.]  
Scientologist: Ah…there is some tension with your Dad!
A: No, in fact, I am closer to him than my Mom. (I do understand why that’s a safe bet – most of my friends have issues with their Dad.)
[Scientologist ignores this comment and moves on.]  
Scientologist: Are you married or dating?
A: This guy right here.  (I should write a book on what not to do when you just start dating someone.)
[Needle moves up a bit.]  
Scientologist: Well what would you say is causing you the most stress in your life right now? (Reminded me of when Kramer pretended to be the movie phone guy, “Well why don’t you just tell me the name of the movie you want to see?”)”

The story goes on, check it out.

The way the building looks on protest days:


And There You Have It.

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