When Cycling Through the Broadway Tunnel, Is the Sidewalk or the Street Better?

Let’s try the sidewalk first. Downsides include the¬†illegality and the possible hassle for pedestrians.

CRW_6307 copy

All right, now let’s get onto the street. This is not recommended, particularly going outbound to the west, which is mostly uphill. It’s legal, but pretty scary.

By this time, my lungs were aching for air. Pedaling furiously in 27th gear:

CRW_6315 copy

Conclusion: Take the sidewalk. Walk your ride if necessary.

Or go around Russian Hill.

Or go over Russian Hill.

Those are your four choices.

But the city, the city is working on things. Check out the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition‘s take on things right here.

Anyway, four choices. Choose wisely.

NB: Don’t touch anything in the tunnel, as everything is covered in soot.

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One Response to “When Cycling Through the Broadway Tunnel, Is the Sidewalk or the Street Better?”

  1. jeff says:

    I used to bike through that tunnel every day doing deliveries…almost always took the sidewalk going west, which is going up the hill

    going east, you’re going down, and therefore faster, and I’ve taken the street a couple times, between traffic flows because I can usually go fast enough to avoid the cars all the way through the tunnel

    not going west tho..never done it going west toward Polk…I don’t like it, riding in the street that close to cars unless I can go near as fast as them

    there’s been a couple of critical mass that shut down the tunnel before..I have one of them on Google video I think