Historic Commonwealth Club Embarrasses Itself with the 911 Truth Crowd

San Francisco’s own Commonwealth Club, America’s “oldest and largest public affairs forum,” will thoroughly embarrass itself by hosting “Richard Gage: 9/11 Blueprint for Truth, Reexamining the WTC Collapses” this Tuesday, September 8, 2009.

So, it’s been 106 years of public affairs, but now this:

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Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” – why just those people? (Hey, weren’t architects the ones responsible for San Francisco’s failed Octavia Boulevard? Sadly, yes.) While we’re at it, why not invite representatives from the whole pantheon of 911 Truth craziness? You know, Veterans for 9/11 Truth or Pilots for 9/11 Truth or Scholars for 9/11 Truth or Scholars for 9/11 Truth (the other one) or Firefighters for 9/11 Truth or Liars for 9/11 Truth?

The 9/11 conspiracy virus swept the world back in 2007 – more than a few scarecrows got bayonetted back then. But hasn’t that whole movement started to die off? And how about this:

These people (in the 9/11 truth movement) use the ‘reverse scientific method‘… they determine what happened, throw out all the data that doesn’t fit their conclusion, and then hail their findings as the only possible conclusion.”

Oh well.

“Richard Gage, AIA, Founder, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Five years after the 9/11 Commission published its report, some people question the official findings on what brought down the World Trade Center. In a multimedia program, Gage contends that forensic evidence and eyewitness testimony reveal explosive-controlled demolition of the WTC skyscrapers on 9/11. Fact or fiction? Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Gage’s bold and controversial address, and have the chance to put your tough questions to the speaker.”

What’s next after the Truthers, Commonwealth Club? The Birthers? Why not equal time for the Birthers?

Or the Thomson Reuters Water Car people? Let’s have them next.

And speaking of scams, let’s have the Platinum Gas Saver dude come to S.F. to say a few words as well. And here’s how the CC would address the concomitant blowback from booking a guest direct from FantasyLand:

“‘Fact or fiction? Don’t miss this opportunity to hear [Platinum Gas Saver dude’ s] bold and controversial address, and have the chance to put your tough questions to the speaker.”

Ah yes, palliative cliches. Does a spoonful of sugar make ridiculous bookings go down the throat any easier?

No, no it doesn’t.


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4 Responses to “Historic Commonwealth Club Embarrasses Itself with the 911 Truth Crowd”

  1. Slappy says:

    The Commonwealth Club has hosted its fair share of wackos and controversial figures over the years, in fact it is part of their mission.

    So good on them for hosting this particular wacko.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Well, are they going to have the Birthers next? Cause I’ll tell you, Obama’s brith cert. has a better chance of being forged than the controlled demolition crowd has a chance of being correct…

  3. not the first time says:

    Last year they hosted author Ron Suskind who claimed in his last book that the Whitehouse ordered forgeries and the Secret Service had a interrogation room beneath the Whitehouse. The Commonweath Club had been previously warned that his claims were refuted but they hosted him anyway with no other viewpoints.

    Free speech is one thing, but telling untruths to sell books is fraud. By sponsoring him and allowing the selling of books the Commonwealth Club was a co-conspirator. Suskind sold books at this event. Would we let Dr’s give poor medical advice – especially if the Dr profited and we knew about it in advance? Doubtful.

    Here’s all of Suskind’s forgery sources refuting the claims


  4. Slappy says:

    Thanks for the info ‘not the first time’