The Vanishing Bike Messengers of San Francisco – Where Have They Gone?

Back in the day, there would be hundreds of them lounging about waiting to get going.

What’s left from “The Wall.” As seen on San Francisco’s Market Street:

CRW_6260 copy

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Not that many left these days. Some blame the Internet.

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4 Responses to “The Vanishing Bike Messengers of San Francisco – Where Have They Gone?”

  1. Mazarino says:

    I miss smelling sweet scent of marijuana coming from the statue in the morning…

  2. jeff says:

    that’s not the wall…The wall is Sansome and Market and about 10 years ago some of them went up to Post and Market and some went down to battery and Market, where this photo is. Some stayed and still hang out at the actual ‘wall’

    some don’t hang out at all in either of those places. there’s still about 100 messengers left at least, but you wouldn’t know it from this photo

  3. sfcitizen says:

    All right, I’ll check you on that, I could have phrased that better about The Wall.

    I mean delivering airplane tickets? Wow.
    I don’t think that happens all that much these days…

  4. stokedonspokes says:

    all that picture says to me is that its a busy day for a lot of messenger companies. i’ve seen that statue full of people on slow days as recently as this spring.

    all day long, the whole 7×7 I’ve delivered architectural plans, banker boxes full of paperwork from tax firms, bank deposits, payrolls, invitations to parties for rich people, inter-office mail, all sorts of legal documents, embassy communications, visas, etc…hell I’ve carried things as strange as a kitchen sink, a large ceramic vase, and a 3 and a half foot long stalk of brussel sprouts. sure not much airline tickets these days but who cares? There is plenty that needs to be delivered by hand, securely and swiftly. That’s when people call a messenger service.
    And alot of messenger companies have wised up to that fact that having some really good fast messengers on bikes covering the whole city is better than having drivers sitting around waiting to do the local stuff. Means alot more work for the bike, probably why you don’t just see them downtown sitting around.
    Sitting = a bad thing in messenger terms, no work is no money.