The NBC Trauma Deathwatch Begins – How Long Will This San Francisco Series Live?

[UPDATE: The ratings are in: Ouch.]

The experts are saying that NBC / Universal’s Trauma TV series is not long for this world. Actually, the word “bust” is being bandied about. Oh well.

Let’s hear from “longtime audience analyst” Steve Sternberg:

“Trauma,” starring Anastasia Griffith and Jamey Sheridan, focuses on a team of first-responder paramedics in San Francisco. While Sternberg appreciates the show’s “cool” special effects, he said he “can’t shake the feeling that we’ve seen all this before.”

Ruh roh, Shaggy.

Ironically, the only trauma helicopter flights in San Francisco are Hollywood fakery – San Francisco County has ZERO medical helipads or heliports due to the millionaire NIMBYs of Potrero Hill. Does that make S.F. unique in the nation? Yes. We have a Level One Trauma Center (out of a total of four for northern California) at S.F. General Hospital but it’s the only one in the nation to lack a helipad on the roof or a shared heliport (the approach they take in New Yawk City) nearby. 


Oh well. But now back to the show.

Let’s view excerpts from another cultural Cassandra to learn more about the series we all see filming around town :

over the top, hammed up performances, ridiculous, Michael Bay-worthy explosions, lack of story, characters look very two dimensional, overly dramatic, looks a bit too overdone, we’ll see how long a show with a big budget like this lasts. This is a show that will most likely collapse because of its own weight.”

Will it become the first series this Fall from NBC or CBS to get cancelled? It’s in second place on that list right now.

Is Traumaexplosive for the sake of being explosive” or something? Some people think so.

Is it really on the bottom of the Dead Pool list?

Bottom 5 new shows

(in alphabetical order)

  • ‘Accidentally on Purpose’ (CBS)
  • ‘Cougar Town’ (ABC) [Yes! Cougars!]
  • ‘Eastwick’ (ABC)
  • ‘Hank’ (ABC)
  • ‘Trauma’ (NBC)

Oh well, at least people are having fun making the series, for as long as it lasts.

But really, “how many hospital-type shows do we need?”

Check it out for yourself on Monday, September 28th at 9:00 PM, right before the Jay Leno. And, bonus, it appears they’ll broadcast an encore of the pilot on Saturday, October 3rd – actually it looks like they plan to broadcast the same episode twice each week every week. We’ll see how popular this series will generally be by Halloween-time.

So, how about this as an over/under for the eventual cancellation announcement? December 31, 2009.

The NBC Trauma Deathwatch™ begins today.

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