The Steeply Pitched Roofs of these Five San Francisco Houses are Delightful


Perhaps after Trauma gets cancelled by the suits at NBC, Hollywood could come back to town to remake Full House, excepting they could use these residences instead one of the Seven Sisters of Alamo Square.

They could call it Full Houses or something. Then some director dude in a baseball cap could talk about how he considers the houses themselves to be characters (before or after he ID’s hisself as a “story teller” or a “teller of stories”, you know the drill)

IMG_6958 copy

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Just lovely.

Hulu bonus:

“Does NBC seriously think they can retain viewers after their disgraceful cancellation of numerous shows with loyal fans. These morons should just sell the network to Fox or any other network with some brains. Trauma will be on for 10 episodes then cancelled to make space for the NBC Real World Marathon. Nothing But Clowns network.”

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3 Responses to “The Steeply Pitched Roofs of these Five San Francisco Houses are Delightful”

  1. tk says:

    Shrader Street in Cole Valley, right? I always thought they looked like elf houses or something. Very striking from street level, as well.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Yes, very probably on Shrader Street. Thx. for the tip.

    Never noticed them from the street…

  3. mcastle says:

    i love these houses! shrader @ parnassus