Who Will Tell You If San Francisco Oktoberfest By The Bay Sucks or Not?

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve spoken with who were not too pleased with Oktoberfest by the Bay back two years ago when it was $20 a head to get in at Fort Mason. Did the $20 get you anything? Not that I can recall. It gave you the right to get in line to get tokens to get in line to….

Anywho, O-Fest will be down in Pier 48 this year. And because the organizers realize that their Yelp ratings are pretty low and in view of the fact we’re in a recession, ticket prices have risen. Dramatically.

$30 for Friday*
$35 for Saturday Day
$35 for Saturday Night [Are they going to kick people out at 5:00PM? So, $35 +$35 for all day Saturday?]
$30 for Sunday*

Make sure you get your coupons if you want to go.

Oh vell. Will the Jagermeister Girls make it back this year?


I’ll tell you, it seemed like some of the German-speakers in the crowd at Fort Mason were having a good time with their Oompah music, so there’s that. I paid $20 (German Day, 50% off)  for me and mein Fräulein, just so you know.

But who’s going to tell you if  $70-per-couple OktoberFest By the Bay in San Francisco sucks?

The newspapers? Really? Maybe, we’ll see.

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One Response to “Who Will Tell You If San Francisco Oktoberfest By The Bay Sucks or Not?”

  1. Martyn says:

    Thanks for this take on the event, I was just looking at the site considering pulling the trigger on a ticket but I shan’t be bothering now, sounds like we’re best just heading to a few bars and doing some tastings. Silly me for presuming that $30 would cover everything!