Oktoberfest By the Bay 2009 Sounds Like a Good Idea, But It’s a Big Ripoff

I wasn’t sure yesterday (take a gander here to get up to speed) but I am today – Oktoberfest By the Bay has got to be the biggest ripoff of any annual Bay Area event. In short, it’s not for me.

But you, you’re different, you’re special – you’re a high-functioning social butterfly who knows how to party with your upscale friends anytime, anywhere. So you should go, of course. But normal people just might feel ripped off after they pay $35 to go to O-fest Saturday afternoon only to get kicked out at 5:00PM to cool their heels for an hour waiting for the right to pay another $35 to start again at 6:00 PM.

Harry Potter meets the Jager girls in 2005: 

53645527_47a764a223_b copy

via Augie Schwer

Let’s read the FAQ for some 411:

“1. Why two completely separate sessions on Saturday?”
Happily, demand has outstripped supply and, for the time being, this is the best way to provide access and an all-around better experience (shorter lines, more seating, etc.). So, we’ll clear the building at 5pm and start over at 6pm with a whole new group of festival goers. Pick the session that works best for you! We anticipate selling out both Saturday sessions.”

Bring a date on Saturday and the whole affair will only cost you $140. Oh yes, bring some extra money for food and beer and Jager and whatnot, of course.  

Here’s a malternative, instead of going to OBTB 2009. You’re cutting out the middleman and saving dough at the same time:

2141680003_651383c954_b copy

via YoHandy

All right, see you there! (Not really!)

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One Response to “Oktoberfest By the Bay 2009 Sounds Like a Good Idea, But It’s a Big Ripoff”

  1. Sean says:

    Agreed. It is a rip-off. However, I’m volunteer bartending, so that’s always a free way to get in.