Catching Up with Robin Wright Penn – The Private Lives of Pippa Lee Opens October 23rd

Well, looky here – bay area local Robin Wright Penn is making the news because she’s making movies, which is probably how it should be. The Private Lives of Pippa Lee should be opening by the end of the month.

Look at RWP, up on the catwalk in black leather with Keanu Reeves on the press tour:

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Keanu looks interested in “Pippa”…

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…but she’s already connected with… Alan Arkin!

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Let’s flashback to the 1970’s when Robin’s character gets played by Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively 


And what’s this? Disco-era spanky panky with Julianne Moore?


I was alive in the 1970’s but I don’t remember underwear looking like that. (How about the 1940’s instead?)

And Petaluma girl Winona Ryder is in this thing too?

Oh my.  

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