An Analog Facebook Comes to UCSF’s Main Campus on Parnassus

Well this is how some massive support columns are now decorated at the University of California, San Francisco medical school these days.

As seen from Parnassus Avenue:

IMG_7969 copy

It  looks to be a collection of  shots of students from over the past hundred years – could it be the Student Photo Project? Maybe, but the S.P.P. goes on about “the three primary colors*, red, yellow and blue” that they were going to use and this installation is just black and white.

Anyway, it looks great. Keep up the good work, students of UCSF.

Old school! The way it looked back in 1908:


*Yes, I remember first grade as well, but it was all a lie – red, yellow and blue are not “the” primary colors, they are just one group of primaries, and they aren’t so hot in that role, anyway. Or, as Wiki so diplomatically opines, the RYB color model “predates modern scientific theory.” Harsh. Harsh but fair.

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One Response to “An Analog Facebook Comes to UCSF’s Main Campus on Parnassus”

  1. craftYARD says:

    yeah, this project was completed during my time as an employee of UCSF, so sometime around 2002. these black and white photos are all of faculty and staff. many of my co-workers participated. a waiver was signed to have their employee ID photo included in the project. and then decades-old photos were included showing the foundation of contribution.

    it’s a trip to find this posting since just last week I was thinking that even though I had a really awesome ID badge photo, I somehow passed on this opportunity to participate. probably cuz I didn’t understand how it’d turn out. I like how the photos just appear to be tiles when viewed from driving by in a car.