The San Francisco Chronicle’s Circulation is down 25 Percent Year Over Year? Wow

Via the San Francisco Press Club, we all learn that:

Chronicle circulation plunges 25%


 A quick search comes up with this:

San Francisco ChronicleCirculation: 370,345 Daily 424,603 Sunday

According to
That might need to be updated.
Well, let’s see what national media expert Rick Edmonds has to say:

Edmonds said there has also been a trend among some metropolitan dailies of “pulling back from trying to serve distant areas that are expensive to serve and don’t have a lot of value to advertisers. “In essence they’re just letting that kind of circulation go,” he said, citing the San Francisco Chronicle as a case in point.


There are rumors of “profitability” going around. Expect good things.

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2 Responses to “The San Francisco Chronicle’s Circulation is down 25 Percent Year Over Year? Wow”

  1. Philip says:

    I read the Chronicle for more than 50 years. I dropped my home subscription a couple of years ago because there was so little content, just recycled and redacted stuff from the wire services. The sports coverage is still good, but I’m not a big sports fan. Today I bought a copy from a news rack, first time in many months. Nothing there; you can read the whole rag in ten minutes.
    They are finished.

  2. sfmike says:

    It could also be the fact that they’ve recently hiked their subscription rates wildly in a misguided effort to grab a little more revenue. I have an 80-year-old neighbor who adores his daily newspaper, but he’s just been priced out and won’t be resubscribing.