Belief in Ridiculous Handheld Cell Phone Law is California’s State Religion

Oh how they’re mocking us in New York. Why? It’s ’cause of our stupid cell phone law (California Vehicle Code Section 23123), the one that’s not based on scientific study, the one that says there’s a great deal of difference between handsfree cell phone calls and regular old cell phone calls when driving. Are there powerful forces conspiring to prevent an outright ban on cell phone use for drivers? Yes.

Is the National Highway Safety Administration afraid to raise the issue of how it doesn’t matter if you use hands-free technology? Yes, pretty much.

You’re cold busted, legendary film producer Irwin Allen. After seeing this, my first impulse was to run up on you and do a Rambo, but then I realized that even if you had hands-free technology back in 1973, using it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway:

phone copy

(Yes, this is a Rolls Royce. Thanks for asking!)

Would Maria Shriver be safer with a hands-free connection when she yaks away behind the wheel? No.

Oh well.

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One Response to “Belief in Ridiculous Handheld Cell Phone Law is California’s State Religion”

  1. GJELblogger says:

    It’s so true. Studies prove that a hands-free call is just as distracting. What’s even worse is texting, though 14 states have banned that. Texting is actually shown to be worse than driving drunk.

    In my opinion, GPS systems are also distracting. Think we’ll ever see a ban on those?