When Anarchists Attack: Fell Street BofA Still Boarded Up After Halloween Mayhem

This is the scene at Fell and Broderick, right across the street from the makeshift shrine of fallen pedestrian Melissa Dennison. It seems the Bank of America Buena Vista Branch #0269 suffered a Halloween night attack from people dressed in black who broke numerous large windows and an ATM.

Apparently, the assault was designed to send a message to the “money-wielding fucks” and “little Eichmanns” who work inside. Deets below.

All cleaned up and waiting for repair:

IMG_9959 copy

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The scene on Halloween night. The IndyBay kids would like to foreclose on BofA:

bofa copy

(Leave the hammer, take the cannoli from the nearby Falletti’s Market)

EveryBlock has this and somebody posted something on CNN iReport and there’s this shot on Flickr. And here’s a “trip report” post on IndyBay:

SF Bank of Amercia trashed/redecorated 

“SF Bank of America trashed on Halloween night!!!

“On Halloween night some people dressed in black at the corner of Fell and Broderick in San Francisco redecorated a Bank of America, trashing the ATM, smashed about 15 windows, and posted a banner reading “FORECLOSED“. We felt the dark creatures that dwell inside from 9 to 5 could use some more privacy, and at least for a couple days experience a more “cave like” home while they put families out on the street for problems that banks started. The boarded windows fit quite nicely (see pictures). This building will hopefully in the future be used for something more useful like a food co-op house, a clinic, or at least a place for people to sleep when it gets cold outside. Until then these money-wielding fucks will just have to take the harassment.”

The bank branch itself is open for business, as well the ATMs at the back near Faletti’s – they escaped the wrath of the Men in Black.

On It Goes…

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3 Responses to “When Anarchists Attack: Fell Street BofA Still Boarded Up After Halloween Mayhem”

  1. hep says:

    i love seeing a 16yr old suburban kids idea of change.

  2. abc says:

    I used to live right next to the original BofA at that location, back when the neighborhood was mostly working class, but I left a few years ago when it started crawling with hipsters living on mummy and daddy’s dime – you know, the same “political” crowd that staged this travesty.

    Here’s a clue, morons: the fell Street location is a LOCAL BANK BRANCH, not a corporate headquarters. Most of the people working in there – tellers, technicians, etc.- are struggling to survive in this city after being displaced by privileged fucks like YOU.

    But hey, I understand. There’s no point saving your misplaced rage for the real perpetrators when it’s so much easier to make the lives of your so-called “Little Eichmanns” even more miserable than they already are.


  3. Madness says:

    I love how the little anarchist shits forget that the only people out on the street are the dumb fucks who said “hey 2.5 APR for the first two years, then 15% after that? DEAL!” I can pay for my house just fine. Know why? Cuz I was a RETARD who thought that an adjustable APR was a good idea, and I BOUGHT WITHIN MEANS. Not to mention I’m paying for a couple other people to live in public housing while I’m at it. Wish I couldn’ve seen those shits break the windows….it would have been VERY different for them.