Desperate Union Street Landlords Open to Any Offers – Rise of the “Pop Up Stores”

Oh, Union Street, will you ever win? You’re chock-a-block full of meddlesome NIMBYs, hard-partying post-collegiates and empty storefronts. Oh well.

But there’s hope for the commercial landlords – it’s called the pop up shop. Why not allow a tenant to open up for a month or two for a few bucks? That’s better than the no bucks you’ve been making recently during the Great Recession. It’s POP UP RETAIL, BABY!

So, from this, right next to the Crepes a Go Go

union copy

to this:

popupshop copy

OMG, it’s the Sikara & Co. Jewelry Pop-Up Store! It just opened, but don’t fall in love with it – it’s closing next month.

(And for you non pop-up retailers, it’s super easy to renegotiate your rent these days. Those landlords are taking any offer, any offer at all.)

Anyway, here are the deets:

Sikara & Co. Jewelry Pop-Up Store Opens on Union Street

Sikara & Co., an internationally inspired modern fusion jewelry company makes Union Street in San Francisco its new home as a “pop-up” shop.

The pop-up style store front is one of the newest trends to emerge in retail.  “This style of store front allows us to open a temporary store in San Francisco and market test our collections as we roll them out nationally; we are very excited to be one of the first pop-up stores in the city,” said Mousumi Shaw, Founder and Creative Director.

They go on and on – see you after the jump!

The temporary store features globally inspired designs that fall into four collections: Indian, Italian, Mexican and Egyptian.  Limited edition pieces will also be available for the holiday, many of which are exclusive to the Union Street pop-up.  Sikara & Co. has partnered with San Francisco Stylist, Jill Siefert, as she will be helping customers most Mondays in the store with free styling tips.

“My travels have inspired me to work with a network of international designers to present a truly unique line of jewelry. When a person purchases a piece, they also learn about the history and culture pertaining to the country where the designer of the piece originates,” said Mousumi Shaw, Founder and Creative Director.

The handcrafted line is sterling silver with semi-precious stones. Each piece goes through 10 to 12 hands while in production making it truly handmade. Sikara jewelry is sold in more then 230 stores across the United States.

Sikara & Co. is located at 2167 Union Street, in a 800 square foot space.  Hours of operation are Monday through Sunday 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM and the store will be open until December 30, 2009. Prices range from $50.00 – $650.00.

About Sikara & Co.

Sikara is described as ‘Modern Fusion Jewelry.’ “Fusion” represents our lives in today’s world; It is a blend of our past heritage and a new modern spirit. Sikara speaks to this fusion. Sikara’s sterling silver jewelry collection is elegant, powerful and a fusion of style.  Founder Mousumi Shaw is a first generation Indian-American who has traveled to over 35 countries.

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