Scott James of the New York Times vs. the Scofflaw Cyclists of San Francisco’s Wiggle

Scott James has a tiger by the tail with “San Francisco’s Cyclists Facing Backlash for Flouting Rules of the Road.” You see, he doesn’t just talk about cyclists blowing stop signs at speed, he goes and documents it, all judgmental like. Then he posts it on the YouTube for tout le monde to see. That’s going to rub some peoples’ fur the wrong way.

Not sure if anything has changed in San Francisco lately as far as a “backlash” is concerned. If there were some big new enforcement action these days, we would have heard of it by now. Oh well. One new thing Scott mentions is a Critical Mass website that recently popped up, but those kinds of things have popped up before only to earn derision from the “leaderless” corkers on the street. Oh well.

The SFPD will tolerate “California stops” from car drivers if they’re done “correctly” (you know, slowly enough under the circumstances) and they don’t seem to mind cyclists doing the equivalent, which in this town means blowing through a red light or a stop without losing any speed at all. All bets are off if there’s an enforcement action going on. In that case, the cops will want you to stop and put a foot down before proceeding.

The Scott Street part of San Francisco’s Route 30 Wiggle – the route so nice they paved it twice. 


Anyway, writer Scotty has people looking out for him:

“Just try to talk about obeying traffic laws, and suddenly the loveliest ecofriendly riders are instantly transformed into venom-spewing bike bullies. I was warned several times not to write about this or risk being publicly vilified as an enemy of the bike world.”

I’d say yes, let’s count down how long it takes for the writer to be “publicly vilified as an enemy of the bike world” due to today’s article. It’s probably happening already.

Oh well.

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3 Responses to “Scott James of the New York Times vs. the Scofflaw Cyclists of San Francisco’s Wiggle”

  1. Mike says:

    Plenty of those cars barely pause at the stop sign. I mean, this goes both ways. Just depends if you are observing behind a windshield or behind handlebars.

  2. Ramón says:

    If you live, work, or have to cross intersections near the Wiggle you know it’s no lie.

  3. The 419 King says:


    Two wrongs don’t make a right.