The Feds Sure are Proud About Putting San Francisco to Work in the Tenderloin

It’s not clear what actual work they’re putting us to. Can you tell? The only new thing I can see on this stretch of Tenderloin District is the Wonderland public art graffiti experiment.

See the eyes on the left? They’re all over Mid Market dees days:

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IMG_9777 copy


“PROJECT FUNDED BY THE American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” of 2009 (ARRA)


But maybe you can figure things out – have at it.

San Francisco is only getting stimulated 354 different ways, so this task should take you no time at all.

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2 Responses to “The Feds Sure are Proud About Putting San Francisco to Work in the Tenderloin”

  1. Ramón says:

    They must be taking lots of coffee breaks, because I’ve been photographing the “progress” of this graffiti for going on two weeks and it’s still not finished.
    And, for the record; it ain’t all that anyway. I’m not too impressed with one of the too-hip-hip-for-the-room artists either.

  2. Tenderloin worker says:

    “too-hip-hip-for-the-room artists” what do you mean? I work across the street from this mural and the guys painting it are great. I have had good conversations with them threw out the process so far.
    someone seems a little bit out of place/hurt for all the wrong reasons.