Market Street Update: The SFPD Cracks Down as Holiday Preparations Begin

The Lower Market Christmas Snowflake Lights are officially on through January. Apparently, it was just practice when these lights were on for weeks last summer. As they looked last night, click to expand:

IMG_0045 copy

The holidays will be a good time for San Francisco’s illegal taxi trade. See this white Lincoln Town Car? The driver will take you back to your hotel for just $50. Of course a taxi would be cheaper, but where are you going to get a taxi on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night in San Francisco? The City wants people to patiently wait their turns, but our rich tourists don’t like that arrangement. Oh well.

IMG_8126-2 copy

Here’s part of your Mid Market crackdown. The people in the Ford Crown Victoria being stopped by the SFPD are NOT cops. The two in the car were suspects for a brief time last night. Both of them are currently on probation, but that’s not a crime, right?  They must not have done anything all that wrong ’cause they were released after a two- minute detention by the SFPD. Hurray!

IMG_9449 copy

And there are fewer cars on Market Street between Sixth and Fifth Streets, but more poo, apparently. Yes, that’s what you think it is, from yesterday, right on the traffic-free inbound slow lane of the “Champ Elysees of the Western Hemisphere.” Oh well.

IMG_9431 copy

This concludes Your Market Street Update.

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