What’s Up With All the Military Helicopters Above San Francsico These Days?

It would have been hard to miss a giant twirlypopper like this twin-engine, tandem rotor, heavy-lift Boeing-Vertol CH-47 Chinook (I’ll say it’s a CH-47D, just because) over Civic Center’s United Nations Plaza yesterday. Mmmm. And, it’s not alone up there – there are other military birds above us as well these days.

 What does the military need to lift in San Francisco? Are there any bases around here anymore?

IMG_9657 copy

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Or maybe it’s just another military joyride above the 415?

Hard to say.

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8 Responses to “What’s Up With All the Military Helicopters Above San Francsico These Days?”

  1. DanB says:

    Perhaps they’re scouting for Trauma. It just got picked up for a second season:



  2. Kyle M. says:

    That IS strange. There are very few military facilities in the area. It could be to support Urban Shield 2009, but that was last month, and although they’ve borrowed military UH-60 Blackhawks in the past a CH-47 Chinook is too much. And that wouldn’t explain it hovering over UN plaza.

    Other traffic? Could you explain? Do you have pics?

  3. sfcitizen says:

    No recent pics. Blackhawks, maybe? The Coast Guard has their version of a Blackhawk flying around but it’s not green of course.

    Low and slow over Civic Center, Nob Hill, Russian Hill, in a straight line…

  4. hep says:

    i saw these hovering over sunnydale area as well. basically sitting up near where 3rd tags bayshore.

  5. Kyle M. says:

    Whatever they are, they’re probably staging out of Moffett Field. I believe there’s a Combat Search & Rescue reserve squadron based there. If the Blackhawk was camouflaged and had a midair refueling boom in the nose, that’s them.

  6. Martin says:

    CH-47 Chinook with no military signs. Only California flag on tail hm… strange
    or another episode of Trauma ?

  7. Bob says:

    Hmm, a California flag? Perhaps it’s California National Guard training?

  8. whir says:

    Possibly related to this?


    There have been at least three just been hanging out over the mission for several hours now. They’re irritatingly loud.