Thrilling MUNI iPhone Recovery: “I’m a marathon runner, I will catch you…eventually”

How did you prepare for Thanksgiving on Wednesday afternoon? Probably you were stealing iPhones off of MUNI‘s N Judah? No? Really? All right, well somebody was, a teenaged (or tweenaged) girl, in fact.

Par for the course, you say? Well this iPhone was recovered after pursuit from marathoner Chris Phipps. Read all about it on Murphstahoe’s Holier Than You Blog.

And read the informative Tweets below.

See? NextTheft works sometimes. Just like NextMUNI: 


via Jamison, somewhat. Click to expand.

Here are  the revelatory Tweets from Canabalt-loving Chris Phipps:

A thief just stole the iPhone of the woman sitting next to me on muni. I jumped off the train, ran after her & caught her in reply to Im4tun8″Echofon from thuntil the SFPD arrived 4:50 PM Nov 25

I yelled “I’m a marathon runner, I will catch you…eventually” 3:46 PM Nov 25th from Echofon

Woman got her iphone back, called 911 & SFPD were here within 3 minutes. 3:48 PM Nov 25th from Echofon

@jeffremer I don’t know about heroic. The thief was a 16yo girl. Had it been a 200 pound guy, I don’t know what I’d do if I caught him 4:01 PM Nov 25th from Echofon

@munialerts N Judah @ Noe & Duboce. Around 3:40 PM4:16 PM Nov 25th from Echofon in reply to munialerts

@Im4tun8 Thanks. Several others in the park who were witnesses stopped to help detain & watch the suspect. Echofon from th. 3:45 PM Nov 25″

So, the next time you see some Apple product flying out the rear door of your MUNI vehicle, ask yourself, What Would Chris Phipps Do?

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