Mayor Gavin “Photo Op” Newsom Postpones the Greening of Scott Street

Read here to see the way it was supposed to be this AM at the Scott Street part of The Wiggle bike path. See? We were all set for green paint on our streets. (And it’s about time, after all that beige.)

But Our Mayor couldn’t make it, so the Greening of Scott Street will get pushed back a bit, a few days, anyway. But you’ll know when the greening occurs – you’ll see a photo somewhere of Gavin physically painting the “bike box” green or mixing blue and yellow paint together, something like that.

The scene this morning in the East of Panhandle Area (EaPA). All dressed up, but nowhere to green. Click to expand:


Oh well.

And the members of the MSM who showed up to see one of the first manifestations of the partial lifting of the bicycle plan injunction? Well they wasted their time, as at least a few of them appeared to be unaware of the details of the postponement.

The Alamo Square Neighborhood Association and Bike NOPA were there, anyway.


Oh well.

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3 Responses to “Mayor Gavin “Photo Op” Newsom Postpones the Greening of Scott Street”

  1. Mike says:

    This has to be a bad joke…

  2. The 419 King says:


  3. Doug says:

    Dude, do not coin the term “EaPA” There is no EaPA.

    Its either Panhandle, Lower Haight, Western Addition, or Alamo Square. The neighborhood has plent of names. There is no EaPA or does the term need to be created.