The U.S. Supreme Court Puts UC Hastings Law School on the Map – CLS vs. Hastings

The thing about college administrators is that they love attention. So yesterday’s news of the somewhat ridiculous lawsuit fighting the non-discrimination policies for student clubs at the University of California, Hastings College of Law is nothing but a good thing for the oldest and largest law school west of the Mississippi.

If I were running the Christian Law Society (CLS), I wouldn’t ask my fellow students and/or the taxpayers to fund my little $250/year transportation fund, but that’s me. In any event, let’s expect the Supremes to smack down the CLS with finality next year, and thereby make this matter crystal clear for All. (I mean, they’re looking at this case for a reason, right?)  

This was the scene last night, with the news vans parked betwixt the 200 McAllister Building and McAllister Tower (aka The Towers).


See you next year, when this all gets sorted out.

Fiat Justitia!

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