Protesters in San Francisco March Against the Banning of the Democratic Society Party in Turkey

Turkey’s socialist, Kurdish-dominated Democratic Society Party just got banned by Turkey’s Constitutional Court, so these people marched around San Francisco’s City Hall yesterday in protest.


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Here’s Reuter’s take on the situation, via KALW.



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5 Responses to “Protesters in San Francisco March Against the Banning of the Democratic Society Party in Turkey”

  1. monkeyface says:

    Tough situation. Will be hard for them to make the E.U. after this… but at the same time, the dude had links to the PKK, which is considered a terrorist organization over there… is the whole Democratic Society Party being accused of
    membership in the PKK? Or just one man?

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Thanks for your comment but I’m really not up to speed about much of anything having to do with Turkey and this political party. Just don’t know

  3. Confused says:

    It always baffles me how protesters think that they’re actually contributing in any positive form whatsoever when they push messages in front of the wrong people. “Turkey, do not oppress Kurdish voice!!!” one sign says. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure there were no Turkish representatives there…

  4. Justice says:

    To monkeyface an sfcitizen:

    The members of the Democratic Society Party (DTP) were indeed accused of membership in the PKK. However, these were false allegations. The Turkish prosecutors used quotes from the speeches of DTP members in order to “prove” their linkage to the PKK. If you examine the statements the party members were convicted as a rest of, you will see that it is really no proof at all. The DTP was simply recommending that the Turkish government engage with the PKK, which has widespread support in the Kurdish region, in order to solve the Kurdish issue and establish a lasting peace. These statements and the party leaders simple failure to publicly address the PKK as a terrorist organization were the so-called proof that prosecutors used in the courts and the judiciary claimed was sufficient to link the DTP to the PKK.

    It is worth noting that even the ruling party in Turkey, the AKP, has admitted that th judiciary was wrong in ruling to close the DTP. Furthermore, let’s not forget our own president – President Obama – met with the DTP leader along with other Turkish party heads when he Vosges Turkey at the beginning of his presidency. I.e.. DTP has legitimacy and it is completely undemocratic that the Turkish courts have banned the party.

    The sad reality of the closure is that while the government has been recently asking Kurds to abandon arms and join the political process, segments of the same government are doing all they can to prevent Kurds from participating politically in Turkey.

    “Confused”, your point may be well-taken but I think Kurds (such as those in these photos) are simply trying to raise awareness of the injustice taking place in Turkey. Furthermore, the message is not just for Turkish officials or average Americans but also for the US government who has expressed support for solving the Kurdish issue in Turkey.

  5. Justice says:

    Sorry for the typos, by the way!