Brace Yourselves – The Falun Gong’s Shen Yun Performing Arts Show is Back in Town

The Shen Yun Performing Arts traveling show has been known as the Chinese Spectacular, Holiday Wonders, Divine Performing Arts, and other names since 2006, but some folks around town just call it the Falun Gong Show.

Well, they’re ba-aaaack for 2010, performing in San Francisco, San Jose, and Sacramento from January 2nd through January 10th.


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Check out the Wiki entry – it’s lays out the whole story well.

Anyway, they’re back “to hijack Chinese New Year” – on the streets, on your bus, they’re everywhere.

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2 Responses to “Brace Yourselves – The Falun Gong’s Shen Yun Performing Arts Show is Back in Town”

  1. biography says:

    Hijack? Have you seen the show? It’s beautiful. I don’t get the negativity.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    The word hijack is from a Chinese Communist Party member – that is his term, it’s in quote marks.

    Do you think this bit from the New York Times last year has “negativity”?

    “Then the lyrics to some of the songs, sung in Chinese but translated into English in the program, began referring to “persecution” and “oppression.” Each time, almost at the moment a vocalist hit these words, a few audience members collected their belongings and trudged up an aisle toward the exit.

    Before long came a ballet piece in which three women were imprisoned by a group of officers, and one was killed. At the end of the number, more members of the audience, in twos and fours and larger groups, began to walk out. At intermission, dozens of people, perhaps a few hundred, were leaving.

    They had realized that the show was not simply a celebration of the Chinese New Year, but an outreach of Falun Gong, a spiritual practice of calisthenics and meditation that is banned in China. More than three years after flooding city corners and subway stations to spread the word about the Chinese government’s repression, Falun Gong practitioners are again trying to publicize their cause. Only this time, it involves costumed dancers and paying audiences in that most storied of New York concert halls, Radio City.