“Avoid the 8” DUI Checkpoint at Pine and Montgomery a Huge Success

This was the scene over the weekend in the Financh where eight (or four, whatever) local police agencies teamed up for a DUI checkpoint on southbound Montgomery at Pine Street. Never seen one of these before – let’s take a look.

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Not all the traffic coming down from North Beach to SoMA last Friday night had to stop – lots of cars were directed straight on through. But those that weren’t had to pull over to the right for a brief convo with a peace officer of some stripe.

Like the driver of this Mercedes E350, for example. Don’t think she was a drunkie, but she had some sort of registration hassle it appeared (and that’s not all that uncommon in this age of shut-down, furloughed DMVs.) Stop sign holder graciously provided by PG&E:

Oh well. But let’s say you fail your field sobriety test on Montgomery Street.  This is what’s in store for you – a trip into the huge mobile command post  parked on the same block. No waiting:

Meet your breathalyzer, the Intoxilyzer 5000 infrared spectrometry breath alcohol measurement tool. (This is important, cause if your shyster is going to get you off, well, however that ends up being, it will most likely have something to do with attacking the procedures used to record the .15 BAC score you blew. Again.) Speaking of mouthpieces, you’ll get your own 28-cent plastic disposable mouthpiece to blow on. (Always wondered how that worked.)

Most people didn’t seem to mind, and the way that Montgomery is set up with three-way lights (to let the throngs of imagined evening-hour financial district peds scramble across Montgomery any which way they want) being picked to be a part of the checkpoint might not actually have slowed the journeys to the nearest freeway onramp:

Check out Friday’s tally of arrests and tows from CBS5. And here’s the scorecard from a another recent checkpoint at Geary and Steiner, and here’s another from Monterey near San Jose.

So, hurray. There’s not a lot to object to here, unless you’re a mouthpiece for the American Beverage Institute that is.

Look for more checkpoints in the coming weeks…

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2 Responses to ““Avoid the 8” DUI Checkpoint at Pine and Montgomery a Huge Success”

  1. rhys1882 says:

    Surprisingly few arrests for DUI. I guess that’s something to be proud of. In my 25+ years living in SF, and driving for many of those, I have only ever seen one checkpoint. But I guess I don’t traverse the common thoroughfares during times that there is likely to be a checkpoint.

  2. alexei says:

    That Beverage Institute whine is great. Only 3000 drunk driving arrests–what a waste of time!

    “the chronic alcohol abusers who comprise the core of today’s drunk driving problem,” Longwell continued. “That leaves adults who enjoyed a beer or a glass of wine with Thanksgiving dinner to be harassed at checkpoints.” ”

    No, mister, it’s the people who ‘just enjoyed a beer’ (or two, or three) who judged themselves perfectly capable, no problem, do it all the time, oops that pedestrian just threw themselves in front of my car, but honestly it’s not my fault– who are the problem.