San Francisco City Hall Lights Up in Strawberry and Lime for Christmas

Either it’s National Daiquiri Month and the Powers That Are at City Hall wanted to honor California’s strawberry and lime / avocado growers, or….

…this lighting arrangement is the best They can do to approximate Christmas Red and Christmas Green down in Civic Center. (Way too much yellow in that “green” IMO.)

Click to expand:

I’m sure somebody better at Photoshop than I could tone down the riot of color in this photo in order to properly honor Natalis Invicti, or the birthday of baby Jesus, or whatever. But hey, what about the new hires at City Hall? That crew of recent gubernatorial campaign workers seems to be famliar with Photoshop… 

Or not – they didn’t do a very good job it would seem. Oh well, the unaltered photo above will have to do as the record of what Christmas 2009 looked like at City Hall.

Hey, speaking of Christmas, there’ll be no more stars on government trees up in Sonoma. Remember stars atop government Christmas trees? We had a big star on our big tree in Civic Center until about a year ago when it got took down, forever. Oh well.

Merry Christmas!

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4 Responses to “San Francisco City Hall Lights Up in Strawberry and Lime for Christmas”

  1. citydweller says:

    There was so much vox from the Santa Rosa populi that TPTB recinded the ban and the stars shine on.

  2. lux populi says:

    It looked beautiful after dark. Very Festive!
    I have a photo – let me know have to post

  3. Ramón says:

    I took a photo of it last night. I think the time of day and the length of the exposure affect the color:

  4. Nik Schiffmann says:

    I was there the other night to see the nutcracker and it looked really beautiful. I hope the wankers complaining about the red & green color choices got coal in their stockings. It looked great!