San Francisco’s Sam Singer vs. the President of the AFL-CIO

Boy oh boy, when you hire PR flack Sam Singer to represent you, as many others have done, he won’t just hide in some office, oh no. What he’ll do is go out in the field and meet your nemesis head on. As here, during yesterday’s big labor rally / march / sit-in in and around Union Square.

With hundreds of unionists assembling behind him on Market Street, Sam sang to the media, complete with Frank Chu watching on.

Sam Singer complaining to KTVU 2 about how Local 2’s Mike Casey left the negotiating table:

AFL-CIO President Richard L. Trumka on the right, with local labor leaders addressing a huge crowd at 750 Market:

Fire fighters union president John Hanley:

Handshakes are out, terrorist fist jabs are in:

About 800 marched (or 1400+ or 1500 if you’re a partisan with rose-colored glasses) up to the nearby Hilton Hotel, where 100+ got arrested.

On It Goes…

UPDATE: Dan Nguyen-Tan has video of the march right here.

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