From Mission Mission Comes the UPTOWN ALMANAC, San Francisco’s Newest Group Blog

Some people behind San Francisco’s beloved Mission Mission blog are now branching out to cover the entire City of San Francisco plus the Sunset District – it’s called UPTOWN ALMANAC and it looks great.

Here are the deets from Kevin Montgomery.

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Bon Courage Uptown Almanac!   

“The blog is made up of a few pendejos (who mostly live in the Mission but whatever):

  • Bailey Genine: Lived in a broke-ass Tahoe house for three years.  Watched a toilet bowl freeze in her house and has puked off of ski-lifts.  ’nuff said.  Tumblr + Twitter.
  • Brizz: The mind behind The Tens.  He also spends too much time in L.A.
  • Jim Chaney: Author of a generally decent tumbleblog and twitter account.  Hails from the alright state of Ohio.
  • Kate Horton: Enjoys Urkel-Os cereal.  If that isn’t enough qualification, I don’t know what is. Twitter + Tumblr.
  • Kevin Montgomery: Some guy that used to write most of the entries for Mission Mission in late 2009.  He thinks he’s funny, but he’s not.  Twitter + Tumblr.
  • Laura Beck: This girl writes for so many publications that there is no way in hell you’d have the attention span to read about them all.  Most notably, she’s the lead for Vegansaurus!, which is basically a Grocery Eats for white people.  Twitter.
  • Serg: He’s been writing Beer and Rap before most of us lived in the Mission District.  He also writes Grocery Eats, which is basically a vegansaurus! for meat-eaters/people who hate white-people’s cooking.  Twitter.

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2 Responses to “From Mission Mission Comes the UPTOWN ALMANAC, San Francisco’s Newest Group Blog”

  1. the entire City of San Francisco plus the Sunset District

    Ouch, yo,

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I’ve lived in the Sunset, at Ninth and Judah, actually, so i think i’m entitled to point out that area’s (admittedly numerous) pros as well as cons.