Stow Lake Boat House Showdown Today – The Brawl at the Hall (of Flowers)

Those crazy* preservationists are at it again – this time they want to save the “historic” boat house at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. In response, the oddly-named San Francisco Department of Recreation and Park is holding two meetings today at the Hall of Flowers, San Francisco’s mothership of out-of control public meetings.

Round One begins at 2:00 PM and Round Two begins at 6:00 PM at the Brawl of Flowers / County Fair Building** (just go to 9th Avenue and Lincoln in the Inner Sunset and then proceed into the Park 100 feet and then hang a left for another 100 feet).

Consult this bit from Chuckles Nevius and then choose sides. (Actually, C.W. occupies the field of MSM boat house coverage at this point.) Check out BeyondChron for an alternative view from Suzanne R. Dumont and Sandy Weil.

Now, if I know my Rec and Park, the simple idea of keeping things the way they are at this popular venue will be portrayed as an unworkable, unviable option.

From the Haight Ashbury Voice:

I don’t have a dog in this particular fight myself, but I’ll tell you it seems a little absurd to yuppify the whole shebang because the old metal rowboats are dented up. It’s possible that taking the boathouse upscale will end up being seen as a fiasco twenty years from now. Hard to tell at this point, though.

Prediction: A Grand Compromise will be hashed out and we’ll end up with a partial yuppification.

See you there today! 

Artist Ashley Wolff, for one, supports the Save the Stow Lake Boat House Coalition:

(Pink popcorn substituted for white)

*The gold standard of crazy preservationism has got to be the movement to keep the cable cars rolling back in 1947. Those people, like lunch lady Friedel Klussmann don’t seem all that crazy now, right?

**The gold standard of intense boathouse-related whiteboard meetings has got to be this scene from Robert De Niro in Ronin (1998). (Come for the lovely Irish redhead Deidre, stay for the remarkable car chases – authorities gave Frankenheimer carte blanche to shut down half of France for filming.

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