Pink Popcorn Forever at the Stow Lake Boat House – The Lowdown on the Throwdown

About 110 souls showed up yesterday for the two meetings our Department of Recreation and Park hosted to air out the whole Stow Lake Boat House issue.

Get up to speed here, and let’s begin.

Here it is, the boathouse at Stow. Click to expand to see the mechanism used to carry paddle and row boats into the boathouse. It’s a bone of contention these days:

Another contentious dealio is the continued availability of Wright’s Pink Popcorn Bars, straight out of 150 Potrero. (The secret to the pinkness? Delicious red dye #40, baby. Natch.) See it?

Well hold on to your hats – Rec and Park property manager Nick Kinsey promised all that pink popcorn would forever be on the menu at the boat house. This requirement will be burned into future consignment contracts. See? It was on the PowerPoint:

Anyway, here’s what the first session looked like:

If you want ever to feel young, just show up to a San Francisco NIMBY meeting at 2:00 in the afternoon.

The aforementioned Nick Kinsey (doesn’t he look like an actor or something?) represented the RPD:

Can you read these slides?

Fundamentally, the building will stay the same.

Will there be a change as to how the boats get into the boat house for repair? Yes. Is that anything for San Francisco’s seniors to worry about?* No, not actually.

Will the proposed covered lunching area be as upscale as those at the nearby de Young Museum or the California Academy of Sciences? No.  

So, preservationists, college-boy Nick Kinsey just dealt you three aces yesterday. We’re not playing poker here so that means You Got Served and your score stands at love-40. You all need to articulate yourselves better. In reaction to yesterday’s PowerPoint, what is your beef? (Don’t tell us where you born and how long you lived here – it doesn’t matter. And don’t tell us how you don’t trust The City in light of X, Y, or Z. Just respond to the presentation, if you would.)

There will be a bunch more meetings before any changes get made – Archangel Gabriel hasn’t even begun to warm up his trumpet, so I’m not too worried about the old-school boat house right now. 

Wake me up on judgment day in about a half a year or so.   

*You want something to get upset about? How about this fake, Yoko-approved John Lennon voiceover for One Laptop Per Child? I’m still gobsmacked.

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2 Responses to “Pink Popcorn Forever at the Stow Lake Boat House – The Lowdown on the Throwdown”

  1. […] since I’ve been to the Stow Lake Boathouse in Golden Gate Park, but I’m so excited to see their pink popcorn isn’t going anywhere.  Fun fact: That pink popcorn is made right here by the Wright Popcorn & Nut Company at 150 […]

  2. Unfortunately, Nick misled the public on 1/12/10 by saying the plan for an indoor cafe/restaurant is not driven by the current budget crisis. Watch the Rec & Parks Commission meeting 1/21/10 at sfGTV and go to the budget report…where, the Director of Admin/Finance, sheepishly admits that Stow Lake Boathouse is on the list for 2010 for increased revenue. The city now gets about $200,000.00 from the boathouse concessions… they want more. Ok, but let’s not ruin an affordable, historic (since the 1880’s it’s been a boat house!) and vibrant part of the park…. there are many ways to increase revenues at the boathouse that don’t involve destroying the boating operations there!