Ouch: MUNI Wants to Raise the Fare for Historic F Market Line to $5

All you freeloaders paying just $2 to ride the historic F Market & Wharves trolleys in San Francisco, well, here’s your wake-up call, via the SF Streetsblog.¬†

The SFMTA wants to raise the cash fare to ride the F streetcars 150%, all the way up to five bucks. See?

“Currently approximately 18,500 passengers ride the historics daily. Assuming that 20% pay cash fares, increasing the cash fare by $3.00 over regular cash fare to $5.00 (similar to Cable Cars). Requires BOS review.”

Finally, you deadbeat passengers will have to start pulling your weight.

As seen on Market Street:

In other news, MUNI also wants to cut service on all its remaining lines. See what famous Akit thinks about these affairs right here.

Welcome to 2010, San Francisco.

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