Tens of Thousands in the Biggest West Coast Walk for Life Ever – San Francisco Yawns

Let me tell you about how things were back in the day, back in aught-five when the pro-life / “anti-choice” West Coast Walk for Life had smaller numbers and the competing pro-choice / “anti-life” side had more.

Those were the days, complete with heckling and back-and-forth.


From 2005, click to expand

Well, things have changed. After giving it some thought, a lot of the organizations and political representatives who oppose the March for Life have decided to ignore the entire affair. Sure, there were some folks in the counter-march that went up the Herb Cain Way sidewalk, but only about 130 or so. Throw in a marching band that was going the other way (marching to its own drummer hither and yon) and I’d say about 200 locals showed to oppose today’s WCMFL. Don’t know for sure though. People were on hand to listen to BACORR’s Gemma Mirkinson earlier in the morning at 10:00 AM anyway.

But what about the other side, the actual marchers themselves? They went up the Embarcadero for a full 51 minutes – it was a river of people. 

How many marchers this year? Tens of thousands anyway. I’m thinking 22,000 minimum this year, which is about ten percent more than last year – that jibes with the fact that everybody passed by the intersection of Broadway and Embarcadero in 51 minutes, which is about ten percent more time than last year.

How fast do you think this river of humanity was going on average? If it went 10/second then you mulitply by 3060 seconds to get and crowd estimate of over 30K, which I think is a stretch. It was going anywhere from zero to 20+ people per second:  

And here are the local countermarchers:

And here is the joyful reed and brass marching band going the other way:

Noe we’re back to the March. I thought this was advertising for a new kind of eHarmony thing but now I don’t think so. CFC = Couples for Christ, so this is just their unmarried contingent. 

Hey kid, what’s an abortion?

These bused-in marchers would show up regardless of the weather, so a cloudburst at the start of the parade didn’t seem to affect them a bit. Anyway, the weather soon cleared and most of the march was under blue skies and fluffy white clouds. 

Click to see the cloudburst raindrops – it was like being in the shower with your clothes on for a little bit.

And there’s your March for Life West Coast for 2010.

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