Get Paid to Ride Your Bike! Become a Mosquito Abatement Courier, Fixies Need Not Apply

Hey cyclists – here’s a job for you. Get paid to ride your bike all day long on the Streets of San Francisco (if you’re willing to stop and stoop over hundreds of times a day to kill skeeters, that is.) Why don’t you become a Mosquito Abatement Courier?

$15 big bucks per hour plus benefits for this full-time gig that starts next month and lasts until late 2010. (Remember, you hate mosquitos and you love riding your bike anyway – the cash and the dental benefits are just gravy, baby!)

Oh yes, you need to live in San Francisco and your bike has got to have more than one gear ratio – that means no fixies, no single-speed bikes of any kind are allowed.

If this is your only bike, consider one of the lower-paid walking-only mosquito gigs.

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This job is you. Say it over and over again: Mosquito Abatement Courier, Mosquito Abatement Courier, Mosquito Abatement Courier!

See you Hell, larvae. Fire in the hole…

Just email today.

Help to Fight the Bite. (Nice URL there,

Posted today:

Mosquito Abatement Courier

Pestec IPM providers, an environmentally responsible pest management firm is recruiting new team members for our Mosquito Abatement Courier (MAC) team. We have multiple positions open including cyclists and walkers.

Job Summary:
The MAC is responsible for inspecting all city catch basins for standing water and making reduced-risk larvicide treatments. The MAC team member must exhibit and maintain a high level of efficiency and dependability, while working independently in this casual and cooperative environment. Job duties are performed either by bicycle or by foot. This position is seasonal, beginning in mid February and ending in the late fall.

• Prepare supplies and route for the day
• Cyclists ride approximately 15-20 miles a day
• Walkers will walk approximately 10 miles a day
• Inspect sources of mosquito breeding and treat for the prevention of mosquitoes
• Report activities by GPS enabled phone

• Must be able to ride or walk carrying a 10 lb. pack
• Must be able to bend down 250-350 times
• Cyclists must have a bicycle in good working order and keep maintained outside of work hours
• Must be punctual and reliable
• Must be a resident of San Francisco
• A background check will be carried out prior to starting
• Must be drug free and healthy

• Bicycle MUST have gears, no single speed or fixed gear bikes
• Rack and panniers are highly recommended
• Basic bicycle repair knowledge is a must
• MUST own their own helmet and basic repair equipment (i.e. hand pump, tire lever, etc)
• Walkers must have comfortable, suitable shoes
• Ability to perform repetitive actions on a daily basis (i.e. bending down hundreds of times a day)

• Cyclists – $15/hour
• Walkers – $11.54/hour
• We provide medical and dental benefits, and PTO.
• Positions are full time

To Apply:
• Respond with “Mosquito Abatement Courier” in the email title
• Specify which position you are applying for (Cyclist, Walker, or Both)
• Cite why you are qualified for this position
• BRIEFLY tell us what your thoughts are about our company, our business certifications and why you believe you are the right candidate for this position. Please site specifically any information you refer to. You may go to to learn more. This requirement is to learn about you, how carefully you have read and understood these instructions, and how interested you may be in working with us.

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