Level the Playing Field 2010, the Anti Meg Whitman Campaign, Kicks Off

It begins, the independent expenditure against the gubernatorial dreams of Margaret Cushing “Meg” Whitman begins, with a single radio ad.

Appears as if the former brand manager for Mr. Potato(e) Head and the Teletubbies is going to take a few more hits before all this is done.

But it’s your choice – you can sign up now for Meg’s site, or you can sign up with the anti-Meg site, complete with Facebook and Twitter pages (but, alas, nothing on the Google Buzz so far.) 

Trust Level the Playing Field 2010 to quickly direct you to new articles like Dan Walters’ “arrogant cowardice” bit in today’s Sacramento Bee:

“Running for or being governor of California is not the same thing as being the CEO of a multibillion-dollar corporation surrounded by sycophants. Ultimately, remaining in her cocoon will probably backfire. If Poizner cannot exploit her cowardice, Jerry Brown surely will.”


Choose or Lose, Vote or Die.

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6 Responses to “Level the Playing Field 2010, the Anti Meg Whitman Campaign, Kicks Off”

  1. Meg Whitman: “I am absolutely, 100% not in favor of legalizing marijuana for any reason.” (What about to increase tax revenues?) “That is the last reason that one should think about legalizing marijuana.” (BTW: It was good to see Whitman answer the question at a brief press avail in San Francisco after our Calbuzz Rant yesterday. Our follow-up to Meg is this: By “any reason” do you mean you oppose the medicinal use of marijuana?)
    Marijuana is as addictive as Heroin . It’ll make you insane .

    She boasts of her ties with the McCain’s who are well known DRUG ( alcohol ) dealers .Her ties with PayPal who nets sales in the millions off of DRUGS ( Alcohol ) and apparently pornography . PayPal also nets vast sums of amounts of money in dealing with more DRUGS
    ( pharmaceuticals ) .
    To sum it up she says NO to Cannabis which kills nobody nor causes health problems but , yes to legal DRUGS like Alcohol & Pharmaceuticals which kill more people and cause health problems then all drugs combined and yes to pornography .
    Is this who you want for Governor ?

  2. Robert says:

    Marijuana stinks. I’d rather smell tobacco.

  3. pogchop says:

    What are you afraid of Meg for?

  4. Redbone says:

    Only a lunatic would equate Paypal and Meg Whitman with Drugs.

    Obviously, (whitman and intelligence?) is high themselves, and have already gone off the deep end.

    And I just love the part of the radio ad (against Meg) that states she layed off employees (40 of which were in California). Oh boy. Come to think about it, that IS the person we need in Sacramento. Someone who will lay off half of the beauracrats and pencil pushers that do nothing but add to the growing budget deficet.

  5. The Shenzhenian Candidate: Meg Whitman Wants to be Governor of California

    The Huffington Post

    by Chris Kelly

    February 06, 2010

    A couple of years ago, someone was trying to sell Vietnamese women on eBay. The auction went on for three days before eBay closed it down. EBay policy strictly forbids the sale or purchase of humans, living or dead.

    The CEO of eBay, Meg Whitman, had built a career on one job after another exploiting Asian women, the younger and more vulnerable the better. And they won’t talk about where Meg Whitman got rich before eBay. Her real expertise is in globalization. Which is the nice way of saying Asian sweatshops .

    Redbone obviously drives a BEER truck or sells ( legal ) drugs like prescription medications .

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