If You Assume That Any Given Plane Crash is Due to Pilot Error, You’ll Probably Be Right

General Aviation is dangerous, it always has been and it always will be. (Now, that’s different than commercial aviation these days – I mean, has some passenger in America died due to a big old Boeing or Airbus or McDonnell-Douglas or Lockheed crashing since the infamous year of 2001? Not that I am aware of. I’m talking about the big jets, your 737’s, your A320’s and the like, and your jumbo widebodies, too.)

On the other hand, little jets and propeller planes, they crash and kill people all the time. And the reason why is pilot error, of some kind, generally speaking.

So there’s no need, generally speaking, to defend the skills of a pilot after an air crash. Sometimes, people make mistakes – that doesn’t mean that anyone in particular is a bad person. So, instead of dwelling on anybody’s reputation as a skilled pilot, why not, instead, remember that person as a person? Just asking.

Jeanette Symons

Steve Fossett


John Denver

Graham Hill

Another thing to ponder is this – “Is This Trip Really Necessary?” Would you make the same trip if you didn’t have access to a little airplane?

A bay area pilot’s CitationJet after an avoidable tragedy in snowy Maine, from a few years back. This is what get-there-itis looks like.

Just saying…

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