9/11 Truth Crazies Return to San Francisco, Like Swallows to Capistrano

[Welcome fans of the “Breakthrough Energy Examiner” Sterling Allan, who, of course, veered “off topic” just a skosh, huh? (Unless It All Ties Together, Somehow.) He’s got to be careful, else he’ll step on the toes of the 9/11 Truth Examiner (if there is a such a person yet), right? Oh well, I don’t have an “open mind” on controlled demolition. Sorry.]

Well it’s getting close to Springtime, so leave us welcome back Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, who chose San Francisco as the place to launch their Late Winter Offensive, 2010. (Offensive? Is there anything that you could consider offensive, anything that might insult your intelligence coming from this crew? As Always, You Make The Call.)

The 11th floor of our highly-rated Marines Memorial Club & Hotel at 609 Sutter was packed this AM – could have been a couple hundred, maybe. But not a one MSM news vehicle was on the scene, AFAICS, to celebrate the news of the 1000-member-milestone being surpassed. Irregardless, this was a big deal for the A’s and the E’s – they had simultaneous news conferences going on all over the place.

Let’s see here, they didn’t like getting mocked by Glenn Beck recently*, and they think that their professional licenses are “at risk.” Really? (Has any Truther lost his or her license because of Truther status? Not that I’m aware of.) And, oh yes, they say they’re not conspiracy theorists**, so apparently just one person set all those explosives on all those floors of all those buildings.

Anyway, have at it, Building 7, controlled demolition, sheeple, banksters, etc. below. Enjoy.

[UPDATE: Is it surprising that 1000 architects, engineers, butchers or bakers can form a Thruther club? Not to me. Would it be fair to say that the average architect and or engineer isn’t a Truther? You people are just like the JFK conspiracy theorists, right? On another note, aside from a 20,000-reader-weekly in Joisey, did any of these AE911 press conferences on 2-19-2010 get any press coverage, MSM or not-so-MSM,  from anywhere in the world? And actually, didn’t this movement peak with the Loose Change boom back around 2006?]

Richard Gage, AIA:

Your Marines Memorial, 11th floor. Last time I was here, it was a Junior League of San Francisco joint (speaking of highly-rated) – 100+ earnest post-collegiate babes wearing sweaters (and buying purses, for some reason). Today, it’s Truthers and only Truthers. 

Corporate Bankster Oligarchy, the Mossad, it all fits together.

All the deets, after the jump.

*That’s the best I can do for you, I didn’t register(?) to listen in. I’ve heard of him but I don’t know who Glenn Beck is. Oh here you go – this is a big deal for some Texas election.

**Of course there was a conspiracy, involving at least 19, right?

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 19  — Richard Gage, AIA, architect and founder of the non-profit Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Inc. (AE911Truth), will announce a decisive milestone today at a press conference in San Francisco, as more than 1,000 worldwide architects and engineers now support the call for a new investigation into the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. After careful examination of the official explanation, along with the forensic data omitted from official reports, these professionals have concluded that a new independent investigation into these mysterious collapses is needed.

Mr. Gage will deliver the news around this major development, accompanied by signers of the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth petition. The press conference will be held concurrently in 38 cities in 6 countries. http://www.ae911truth.org/info/160

These prominent architectural and engineering professionals will discuss the organization’s findings and concerns. A brief presentation of the explosive evidence they have compiled will be followed by Q & A. The presentation is an important update of “9/11: Blueprint for Truth – The Architecture of Destruction,” the DVD produced by the organization, and available on their website AE911Truth.org, which analyzes  the scientific forensic evidence concluding that the three skyscrapers in New York City were demolished with explosives on 9/11.  The petition will be delivered today to every congressional representative by AE911Truth petition signers throughout the country.  Government officials will be notified that “Misprision of Treason”, US Code 18 (Sec. 2382), is a serious federal offense which requires those with evidence of treason to act.

Gage and his group base their conclusions on forensic evidence. Gage states, “The official FEMA and NIST reports provide insufficient, contradictory, and fraudulent accounts of the circumstances of the towers’ destruction.  We are therefore calling for a grand jury investigation of NIST officials.  Gage points out the destruction of the third high-rise, World Trade Center 7, a 47-story skyscraper which was not hit by an aircraft, yet came down in pure free-fall acceleration for more than 100 feet, a significant fact that NIST has been forced to admit, due to research conducted by AE911Truth petition signers. Other disturbing facts emerging from the forensic evidence include:

 —  Complete destruction of both Twin Towers in just 10 to 14 seconds at near free-fall acceleration
 —  Over 100 first-responder reports of explosions and flashes at onset of destruction
 —  Multi-ton steel sections ejected laterally 600 ft at 60 mph
 —  Mid-air pulverization of 90,000 tons of concrete & metal decking
 —  1200-foot-dia. debris field: no “pancaked” floors seen in the debris pile
 —  Several tons of molten metal found in debris.
 —  Evidence of advanced explosive nano-thermitic composite material found in the WTC dust by an international team of scientists

AE911Truth’s conclusions are shared by thousands of scientists; senior-level military, intelligence and government officials; pilots and aviation professionals; firefighters; scholars and university professors; and 9/11 survivors and their family members.  The implications are enormous and may have profound impact on the forthcoming Khalid Sheikh Mohammed trial.

The 9/11 Truth Movement, which Time magazine in 2006 called “a mainstream political reality,” continues to gain momentum. As AE911Truth’s own influence grows, Gage has embarked on well over 130 speaking events, covering 20 states and 13 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. He has been interviewed by media around the world – including the BBC, CBC, NatGeo, and Fox TV.

PRESS CONFERENCE: 1,000 Architects and Engineers Call for New 9/11 Investigation

Cite Evidence of Explosive Demolition at WTC

When: 11:00 a.m. Friday, February 19th, 2010 Where: Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel, 609 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA Live stream feed: Via webinar at www.ae911truth.org

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Richard Gage, AIA, architect and founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, will announce that more than 1,000 architects and engineers now support the call for a new independent investigation into the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Gage will be joined by signers of the AE911Truth Petition, including 9/11 author David Ray Griffin, PhD., and nuclear physicist and 9/11 researcher, Steven E. Jones, PhD., to discuss the organization’s startling findings, based on examination of  the forensic evidence, videos and eye witness testimony omitted from official reports, such as the free-fall collapse of the 47 story WTC building 7 and the discovery of advanced explosive nano-thermitic material found in the WTC dust samples. The implications of these findings may have profound impact on the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed trial.  The focus of this press conference will be to detail the scientific concerns of these building and technical professionals whose findings reveal that all three skyscrapers were destroyed by explosive controlled demolition – not by jet plane impacts and fires. AE911Truth is calling for a grand jury investigation of Shyam Sunder, NIST Lead Investigator and John Gross, NIST Co-Project Leader. The Petition will be provided to the offices of every congressional representative on the same date – February 19th.

This press conference will be hosted concurrently in cities throughout the country including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Austin, Dallas, Madison, Dover, NH, Tulsa, Tucson, Boston, Alexandria, VA (DC), Tampa,  Temple Terrace, FL, Denver, Newark; and internationally in Ontario, Vancouver, Brussels, Denmark, Sydney, and Wellington, NZ.  Mr. Gage is available for interviews after the press conference. It will be accessible to media via webinar at www.ae911truth.org. An informative speaker luncheon follows at noon – featuring David Ray Griffin, author of “The Mysterious Collapse of WTC 7,” and Steven Jones, author of the peer-reviewed “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center.”  For additional information, and to arrange interviews, please contact us: 510-292-4710, or by email  1000@ae911truth.org.

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17 Responses to “9/11 Truth Crazies Return to San Francisco, Like Swallows to Capistrano”

  1. Scott R. Martin says:


    And the conference attendees are “crazies” because….?

    As a Merchant Marine Officer I first learned to look critically at the events of September 11, 2001 from people in Europe and Asia.

    The official story does not hold up very well upon examination. It is disturbing to suspect false flag operations on American soil, however facts must be faced be and put in order.

    Imagine how shocking it must have been for German to learn that the attacks on ethnic Germans in Central Europe were in fact false flag jobs carried out by SS elements as justification for the commencement of operations. “Hitlers Architect” Albert Speer wrote about these events in his book by that title.

    Was Albert Speer just another “crazy” architect ?

  2. Thomas Paine says:

    At least your unbiased reporting can be applauded… I had a belief in a system where the press was objective and not biased. I am sure you are also one of those ‘crazy’ people who are now bummed the earth is not warming, now that the truth about the Global Warming scam is apparent and obvious. Do you not question anything? Do you sit around in your SF fog and believe it was the people who caused this economic catastrophe and not the banksters? Are you one of the sheeple who keep sending Pelosi back to office, even though she spends yours and my dollars to shuttle back and forth across the country – thanks to her private airline USAirForce? Are you going to admit your own state govt is inept, while the Governator plays his violin and the LA Hills burn? I spose you were against the war while the puppet bush was in office and now that his evil twin, puppet obama is President, you are now for attacking Iran? I could go on and on, but let me tell you this – wake up and look around. This country is in trouble, the people are getting fed up, and we arent going to take it much longer. The First Revolution had 3% of the population actively involved with another 2 or 3% aiding from the sidelines. 20% of the population were against the Revolution and the rest didn’t care… What camp are you in? Be skeptical and dont demonize those who might actually disagree with you.

  3. Thomas L. Carroll says:

    The evidence presented by A&E Truth is extremely well documented, intelligent, and conclusive. They have covered every position taken by official government organizations who pocketed hundreds of thousands only to conclude with half truths and outright Lies. Nobody with the slightest amount of common sense and the ability to think objectively can deny the mountain of facts Dr Gage present in Blueprint for Truth. Our CIA has performed the exact same scenarios countless times, but really cashed in on this one.

  4. jay vitriol says:

    Born & raised in s.f. How have I not heard of sf citizen news? At least u have the wherewithal to at least publish this is going on! But I guess u can stay ignorant 4ever. I believe 911 was and is a conspiracy so that the ivory tower could dictate to u by fear; and still is. Where was the press on the coupnapping of zelaya from honduras–the same of Haiti where bushwacko kidnapped Aristide president elected by 80% of the people. Everything is not as it appears! your an editor and are in dire need of some good critical thinking skills!

  5. salsa says:

    No, actually– the Truthers are “crazies,” sorry.

    Conspiracy theorists have a warped worldview and can conveniently claim that any evidence presented to counter their arguments is just evidence of how far the conspiracy goes.

  6. senka says:

    During the manhattan project during world war 2, thousands of people were involved and no word of the project ever leaked into the media or public discourse, for sevaral years.

    When the saintly whistleblower in Hadley CRU released the “smoking gun” climategate emails, this was further proof that conspiracies not only happen, but are an integral part of modern “politics”.

    In 2006 in a scientific poll: http://www.angus-reid.com/polls/view/13469
    only 16% of people accepted the “official” story.

    There only remains one question, if there was no conspiracy involved then why not have an investigation that at least comes up with plausible conclusions?

  7. Ben Culbertson says:

    Condemnation without investigation. The ad hominem argument against “truthers” is baseless and shallow. You can’t beat them on the scientific facts so you attempt to reduce your opponent to a caricature. You have only one task. Come up with a better explanation that scientifically proves all the phenomena witnessed on 911. Come up with a sound argument that explains the uniform presence of thermitic material and iron rich spheres in the dust around ground zero. Share your theory that explains the freefall acceleration of WTC 7 that even NIST has had to admit. Explain the physics not yet known to scientists that explains symmetrical collapse straight down through the path of greatest resistance. Until you can do that, you are a blowing smoke. You’re on the wrong side of science and the wrong side of history.

  8. Scott R. Martin says:

    “Salsa Says” = govt. troll ? Maybe just a TV watcher….

    Above are 7 replies. 5 of those replies articulate a position more or less contrary to the thrust of editor/at/sfcitizen.

    1 reply, that of Thomas Paine, is generally in opposition to the tone of the attached editorial without addressing the points of the editorial.

    1 reply, that of Salsa Says, while childish in content, is spelled correctly.

    Please refer to senka says; “……only 16% of people accepted the “official” story”. 1 out of 7 replies = 14.3% (thats salsa says).

    Oh, i forgot, editor/at/sfcitizen makes 2, which would make it 2 out of 8 for 25% onboard with the official story – but then, hey, it’s San Francisco.

  9. Thomas Fisher says:

    The author of this story should take up pure fiction. Does thia person or {persons} not realize that they are challenging the professional opinions of 1000 Architects and Engineers? Challenging without any presented documentation? I suspect that the crazies may be found in the person that authored this trash article.
    The lie is being politely called.
    By the way a “search” at http://www.reuters.com at almost midnight 02 19 2010 revealed a zero response. ???

  10. Alan Miller says:

    – Terrell Arnold, Former Deputy Director of Counter-terrorism, US State Dept., “I’m not satisfied by the notion that planes hitting buildings constructed as these would have caused them to collapse. The last building to fall was not even attacked. … The chances of two buildings of that height and structure merely collapsing in their own footprint are extremely slim.”

    – William Christison, Former Director of Regional and Political Analysis, CIA, “The North and South Towers of the World Trade Center almost certainly did not collapse and fall to earth because hijacked aircraft hit them. A plane did not hit Building 7 of the Center, which also collapsed. All three were most probably destroyed by controlled demolition charges placed in the buildings before 9/11.”

    – Maj. Gen. Albert Stubblebine, Former Commanding General US Army Intelligence, “They didn’t fall down because airplanes hit them. They fell down because of explosives went off inside. Demolition.”

    – Ray McGovern, Former Chairman, National Intelligence Estimates, “I think at simplest terms, there’s a cover-up. The 9/11 report is a joke.” (NIE’s are the consensus report of all US Intelligence Services and according to the CIA “are the Intelligence Community’s most authoritative written judgments on national security issues.”)

    For more information, see http://www.PatriotsQuestion911.com

  11. John V. Mizzi, P.E. says:

    Dear Editor,
    My argument is not with your chacterization of AE911 as “Conspiracy Theorists” but with the use of the word “theory” to describe their work. This group has aided and abetted the professional analysis of debris and video evidence at the WTC site. We are demanding an impartial forensic investigation of the alleged terrorist attack of 9/11/2001 since the results of the analysis are in conflict with the Official Conspiracy Theory and with the NIST WTC “investigations”. Between physics and stories reapeated ad-anuseum on MSM, I take the former.

  12. John V. Mizzi, P.E. says:

    What is “moderation” in this context?

  13. John V. Mizzi, P.E. says:

    I am appalled by your editorial behavior.

  14. Sean says:

    Amazing how little the supporters of this giant lie have left in their defense. Cheap name-calling and slander seem to be the last resort of a defeated position.

    On the evidence of crime from 9/11 – they are silent.
    On the facts of the case – they are silent.
    On believing improbable and impossible official explanations from 9/11 – they are like flat earth theorists blindly following the faith.

    They are left then to apply no reasoning, no critical thinking, and yes lets say it no tact or grace in their defense of the ridiculous claims by those that are likely involved in the crime.

    And to anyone that points out these obvious facts, they will attack like school children bulling a kid at recess. Name calling and meaningless ridicule are all they have left in their defense.


  15. tanabear says:

    “911 Truth Crazies”

    By what standard are members of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth crazy? They believe that explosive charges can blow-up buildings and other structures. Do you deny this?

  16. sfcitizen says:

    By the same token, fuel laden jumbo jets can destroy buildings and other structures as well. Do you deny this?

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