The Hanging Gardens of Sutter Street Sacrificed for Volvo Parking

Remember back in the day when you could see the Hanging Gardens of Sutter Street on Sutter Street? Here they were:

No longer. The front yard of this place had recently been converted into a “private drive.” Not saying that this is illegal or anything – don’t know what all the rules are.

But check it, as the place looks today:

“Oh yes, we’d love for you to pop on over. Just park on our private drive!”

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Of course anybody parking in this private spot needs to pull in at an angle to keep the back end of the Volvo wagon from hanging out over the sidewalk. The problem with the current setup is that, even with diagonal parking, the back end of the Volvo wagon hangs out over the sidewalk. Oh well. Maybe if they got a Smart Car, they’d have an easier time.

Now you’d think the trees would have slowed them down, but no, the trees are still there on the sidewalk.

And the ridiculous sign isn’t to prevent anybody from parking on the former front yard of the house, cause who on Earth would try to park there, right? No, the sign is to prevent people from parking on the street and inadvertently blocking the driveway’s owners from parking on their lawn, so to speak.

Call it the World’s Shortest Private Drive, if you want.

Welcome to San Francisco.

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