WhyTuesdaySF.org – OMG, Alex Tourk is Behind a Program NOT Called Something-Connect

Alex Tourk, a lobbyist and head of Ground Floors Public Affairs, is the official proponent of the proposed Saturday Voting Act. Alls he needs is about seven thousand signatures and he’ll qualify this baby for the November 2010 elections. And then, if all goes to plan, you’ll be able to vote on the Saturday before Election Day plus on Election Day as well, starting 2011.

Do I think that it’s some big deal that San Franciscans don’t vote all that much? No. Am I embarassed that our voting participation rate is “worse than Bulgaria’s?” No. Do I think that non-voters in America should be deined their paychecks for three months the way they do it down Bolivia Way? No.

OTOH, it wouldn’t be necessarily a bad thing to be able to vote on Saturdays as well as Tuesdays, assuming all the deets could get worked out. But As Always, You Make The Call.

The joint is called WhyTuesdaySF.org – check it out.

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