San Francisco Uses Horrible Commerical to Dis LAX – “I Wanna Go Through SFO!”

I don’t think that the people at LAX are going to fight back against this horrible video from the people at SFO by making a similarly lame commercial attacking SFO. ‘Cause, you know, LAX is too big for that. But maybe the few international fliers (perhaps a dozen or two so far) who’ve seen the purportedly humorous vid will maybe begin to think that maybe there’s something wrong with the “Bad Airport” in Los Angeles and then they’ll be more likely to come up to our neck of the woods on their way to some other U.S. destination.

Of course, if foggy San Mateo County is having one of its foggy days, there’s a chance that, due to SFO’s substandard runway separation, any given transpacific flight coming into SFO will divert to Los Angeles anyway. 

Coming into SFO from Australasia on a tiny Airbus A320 series – perhaps they used aerial refueling? (Fuzzed-out vertical stabilizer in original.) (Beautiful(?) sulphur yellow skies in original.) 

This happy fellow here doesn’t have a choice on which California airport he can go to as QANTAS Airbus A380’s only go to LAX. Oh well.

And the upcoming Fly Girls featuring Virgin America will be based in Los Angeles despite the fact that Virgin America is based at SFO. Oh well.

But at least all the white people in the high school AV club spends a day at the airport style video are one step closer to getting their SAG cards. (Seriously, there are like twenty people featured, including Mayor Gavin Newsom, and they’re all white with one lone exception. Looks more like Sea-Tac than SFO…)

Anyway, who knows, maybe this smarmy production will take off, you know, virally.

Nevertheless, We Are Lessened For It.

On behalf of San Francisco, I would like to apologize to all who reside in Los Angeles County. We just lost our heads, we’ll try to make it up to you all.

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