Hollywood Comes to the Haight – NBC’s Love Bites Begins Filming Near Cole Valley

Remember NBC’s Trauma? Remember what a looser(sp) it looked like from the get-go? Well, NBC is back for some more abuse – they‘ve just started are continuing to film the pilot for Love Bites on Belvedere in the Haight Ashbury District. Who knows, it might be watchable.

You’ve heard of the 40-Year-Old-Virgin? Well Becki Newton will be the 32-year-old virgin:  

“The romantic dramedy, from “Sex and the City” alumna Cindy Chupack, is in the vein of anthology series “Love, American Style” and chronicles several loosely connected, modern stories of love, sex, marriage and dating. Becki Newton will play one of two permanent cast members, Annie, an optimistic, infectiously bubbly social worker who is a virgin.”

Oh, here she is:


And here’s the mise-en-scene this afternoon:

All the action seems to be focusing on 120 Belvedere Alley, mas o menos.

This little bit of Hollywood magic should wrap by 3:00 AM(!) Thursday morning.

Break a leg, cast and crew of Love Bites

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3 Responses to “Hollywood Comes to the Haight – NBC’s Love Bites Begins Filming Near Cole Valley”

  1. Mike says:

    They were on Green St yesterday at Grant.

  2. derk says:

    The Love Bites production left a real mess after their three days of shooting. We not only had to endure the noise and bad smelling food for the crew, but also the garbage pilled in front of out house. Now that they are gone the garbage still remains on the side walk.
    Good work crew, I hope you film work isn’t this messy!

  3. sfcitizen says:

    The night shift just passed through that areas and they noticed not one bit of garbajando. A few redundant signs on Belv. and also Waller, along with the aforementioned outhouse

    I’m giving NBC a passing grade on this one…