Car-Free Market Street Struggles – Sixth Street Turn Compliance Rate Close to Zero Percent

First of all, there never was a car-free Market Street, even on the inbound lanes during the past six months when Sixth Street and a few other places were staffed with two(!) (and sometimes more!) Parking Control Officers who would encourage drivers to turn south into SoMA.

(I won’t miss them, personally, what with some of them parking their little Cushmans right where bikes are supposed to go and then oftentimes yakking to each other in the middle of the street, seemingly oblivious to traffic.)

And second of all, now that the PCO’s are gone, private vehicles on inbound Market just truck on by Sixth Street, ignoring the Right Turn Required signs.

As here. (That blue Camry looks like it’s turning right from Market but, in fact, just came from Golden Gate Ave.¬† across the intersection):

Particularly when you have a lead car illegally head on down Market, the cars behind tend to blindly follow. Car drivers are sheople. Oh well.

Sic Transit Gloria Chariot-free Venalicium Via

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4 Responses to “Car-Free Market Street Struggles – Sixth Street Turn Compliance Rate Close to Zero Percent”

  1. Alexei says:

    Way I figure, they’ve got to decide: if the ‘experiment’ is considered a success traffic management-wise, make it permanent with an island or other physical indicator. If not, allow the traffic again.

  2. Chada says:

    After work yesterday it took me about a minute to get these pics. It seems like about 30% ignored the sign:

  3. ryan says:

    The title is a little misleading. In fact it might cause readers to question your judgement of facts in your attempt to convince us.

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Well, what do you think the compliance rate is? Get out there and check it out. Taxis, buses and commercial vehicles are allowed. The thing is that some people want to go to 280 anyway.

    Obviously we never had a car free market street since it was only a few blocks inbound from the get go.

    Do you think it was smart to overstaff the intersections and then run out of money/stamina?

    Do you think that cyclists really saved five minutes in their commutes on Market due to there being fewer cars on a few blocks? That’s what people were saying before, do you believe them?

    I was there again today, something like a 20% compliance rate, not accounting for people going to 280 anyway. That’s close to zero IMO. Anyway, changed “fails” to “struggles.”