Where Would Jesus Park (WWJP) – Would He Block Your Driveway Every Sunday?

Oh the Yelpers were in a lather this AM over San Francisco’s questionable Sunday church parking policies. Comes now Alexandra to lament:

“What’s the deal with this? Why is it totally okay for church-goers to double park in front of people’s garages and driveways? My friend at work was just telling me how she was stuck at home all day Sunday because of the double-parked cars– she couldn’t leave the garage. Separation of church and state, anyone?”

Indeed. There are different issues here. Sometimes entire streets get blocked, sometimes parallel-parked cars get blocked, and sometimes driveways get blocked.

I’m not sure if San Francisco’s policies are written down anywhere, but what you’re supposed to do is to tiptoe up to the nearest church and whisper about your situation. Then bingo-bango, your car will be freed by a volunteer valet.

The start of another Sunday in “Transit First” San Francisco:

Now of course, we know that the SFPD and SFMTA will tolerate double parking anywhere near a church on Sunday, but what about other similar civic gatherings? If you push the Powers That Be, they’ll say that a church service is just another civic gathering entitled to some longstanding tradition of No Rules Sundays. All right. I don’t really buy that, but all right.

The City used to own a giant Latin cross atop Mount Davidson – alls it took was one lawsuit to fix that.

The City used to discriminate with a law that was neutral on its face – alls it took was one lawsuit to fix that.

Just saying…

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2 Responses to “Where Would Jesus Park (WWJP) – Would He Block Your Driveway Every Sunday?”

  1. Burgos says:

    I feel for them; I have this battle every day of the week, I live on Castro Street. Everybody, beginning with mail carrier think that it’s OK for them to block my garage.
    Now that DPT has “streamlined” their operation – – they don’t answer the phone quickly, if at all; I’m living the parking nightmare.

  2. john says:

    you think thats bad; in addition to sundays, i gotta put up with it 2-3 times a week on guerrero st bet 16th-18th with them taking over one whole lane wed,sat, evenings. this de facto lane closure sometimes causes traffic nightmares.