Extremely Yellow Hooded Orioles are Back in Golden Gate Park

I don’t know where these little yellow fellows go the rest of the year, but these days they’re in Golden Gate Park.

So if you see a flash of bright orangey-yellow up in the air, it very well could be a hooded oriole.

Here’s one at Golden Gate Park’s Stow Lake from a few years back. This male has a blush of orange as is typical for this time of year – they generally have more of a pure yellow color at other times:

Click to expand

(Or you might spot a similar-looking yellow-headed blackbird around town, but probably not.)

Look to the Skies for Signs and Wonders.

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259 Responses to “Extremely Yellow Hooded Orioles are Back in Golden Gate Park”

  1. Ray Collins says:

    Watched close-up one large male visit my yard this morning in Los Altos! Have never seen one before. What a treat! 4/30/2010

  2. sfcitizen says:

    The males are very vivid, huh….

  3. pmboisvert says:

    I see a male regularly in the brush on my hill south of Sebastopol. Never seen one before and assumed it was someone’s lost house pet. Spectacular color! 5/7/10

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Yes, they really stand out….

  5. jleritz says:

    I saw one yesterday (5/15/10) in my backyard for only a few seconds before he left again. I’ve been here 23 years and he was the first. Such bright yellow! Beautiful bird.

  6. sfcitizen says:

    Testify. They’re as brightly colored as parrots…

  7. jleritz says:

    Forgot to say that I live in the extreme outer Richmond district (48th avenue) a block from Golden Gate Park and two blocks from the beach.

  8. thughes says:

    I live in Redding, CA and they have been building nest year after in my fan palm since 2004. I look forward to their return every spring.

  9. Eileen says:

    There is a pair of hooded Orioles who’ve been nesting every spring behind my house in Terra Linda, San Rafael for the last three years. They are so fun to watch – I hear them calling to each other early in the morning and later in the day as they feed high up in the oak trees. They are quite vocal. I thought I saw a third one yesterday so I think the babies are out of the nest but I cant find their nest – we have quite a few palms in the neighborhood. Usually they feed quite high up in the trees but to my amazement, yesterday I saw them feeding (?playing) in my orange daylilies next to my front driveway.

  10. Carole says:

    I live in the foothills of Woodland Hills. I spotted a nest 3 weeks ago in one of my 75 foot fan palms. I can look at it almost directly out of my hillside home windows and have been watching the pair of hooded Orioles fly back and forth every minute to feed the babies this morning( can’t see the babies yet.) The male is not as bright as the one in S.F. so he must be young. They are very vocal, especailly the young when the adults come back to the nest. This has been a treat to watch them and discover their species.

  11. Linda says:

    I have what I think is a yellow hooded oriole coming to my back yard pond in West Los Angeles for the last month or so. I have 2 palm trees, in fact, I live in a neighborhood near Culver City called “Palms”. It looks exactly like the picture on this site. Didn’t see anything about size. This bird is not small, about the size of a jay. What an intense color, like a parrot.

  12. Wendy says:

    A few have been spotted at the Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary in Tiburon. They have been hanging around the Sanctuary for several weeks now.

  13. Miranda says:

    I had the pleasant surprise of seeing this bird today in the high branches of our neighbor’s yellow plum tree in Oakland/ Emeryville, Ca area. This bird chirped very similar to the squirrels in the area, so it was a great surprise when I noticed this bird vs a squirrel in the branches. Thank you for the posting on this sight. It was great to be able to find an answer to what the mystery bird was. Cheers!

  14. kimo says:

    thanks for this post, you helped me figure out what kind of bird this is that is chasing the scrub jays around in my garden here in San Francisco. I have never seen birds (other than maybe big crows) go after these jays before as they are pretty aggressive themselves!

  15. Michael says:

    I am seeing one of these at my hummingbird feeder in Morgan Hill, CA. We, too, thought it was someone’s lost pet. But, when I see it fly, it obviously is accustomed to the wild and flies like it knows its way around.

  16. esteban says:

    One observed this morning in our large North Berkeley back yard for about 10 minutes. Spectacular. He was very actively exploring in apricot, apple, fig, and orange trees after a brief exchange with a red squirrel in the fig tree. I do not recall seeing him here before.

  17. gail says:

    Watched a pair eating blackberries off the hedge in my ard in Sonoma this afternoon. fabulous site.

  18. Cheryl says:

    We’ve been seeing a male and female around our yard for about 2 weeks and have been wondering what type of bird they are. We’re in Corte Madera. The neighbor kitty-corner from us has 2 large palm trees and I’m guessing that’s where the nest is. It has been a treat to watch them come around every day.

  19. Gloria says:

    We have had at least one pair all summer at our hummingbird feeders. The kids seem to be flocking up, I counted 8 birds on 3 feeders this afternoon. I’m in the foothills east of San Jose.

  20. Cameron says:

    Wow! What is that?! Just saw one happily hopping around in the trees outside my window. (The north side of Bernal Heights in SF.) Beautiful!

  21. Paul says:

    I live in Alamo on hills adjacent to Mt Diablo State Park and I have a pair (male and female) who visit my hummingbird feeders several times daily (I leave one bee guard off each feeder to allow larger birds to feed if they wish).

    They first arrived in the area last year (I’ve lived in Alamo for 35 years and never seen them before on a regular basis) and are a nice addition.

  22. Nick says:

    We live in Chico (northern Sacramento valley) and have had 2 pairs of them feeding at our hummingbird feeders this summer. But in the last 3 days we have not seen them…hoping they are ok, perhaps on their way to Mexico.

  23. Lron says:

    We have a nest full of chicks in our yard near LAX SO CAL.

  24. Mike says:

    we have a pair that feeds out of our humming bird feeder every day. Thousand Oaks,Ca. So Cal Ventura County

  25. Phil says:

    I live in Winnetka, CA, very close to Chatsworth. Tow winters ago, a male stayed through the winter here, during which he was orange. In March of 2010 he turned yellow, and immediately acquired a mate. The pair visited our hummingbird feeder, and raised a brood of three. That same spring, a second pair nested in tall fan palm across the street, and they raised a brood of five. The parents usually accompany the fledglings to the feeder for a week or ten days, and then the young birds disappear. This year we have a single mated pair, who raised a first brood of three. Now they seem to be raising another brood (late July); the female is seldom seen, so I asume she is incubating more eggs. I have lots of pictures of “my” Orioles, most of them taken at our hummingbird feeder.


  27. Linda says:

    I live in San Luis Obispo and was just looking out my window to the east when I saw a large deep yellow bird with a long black tail, black on its neck and rear of it’s head, fly into a tree in the yard behind me, approx. 40-50 feet away. I was talking with someone on the phone and had to stop talking. It was an incredible sight. I’ve never seen a yellow bird that large here before. It stopped only for a moment in that tree and then took off behind another tree and I lost it. I ran to the computer and here I am. I think it was a hooded oriole. It certainly isn’t native to this area but it is a welcome visitor. I hope it comes back again.

  28. Mark says:

    I’ve got 2 of these Orioles at my hummingbird feeder (trying to figure it out) as I type in Scotts Valley CA, near Santa Cruz.

  29. Yoka Snytsheuvel says:

    We have the most beautiful orioles in our back yard! There are two that keep returning and eating from our bird feeders.

    When we lived in Missouri we had them as well, there they appear more orange than yellow.

    They give you that WOW factor when you wake up and see them with all the other birds here in Nevada!

  30. Nick N. says:

    My wife and I just saw two of them in our back yard. An adult and a juvenile. It was our 1st time to see them here in the Pasadena area.

  31. JD says:

    Just spotted one in my backyard in San Diego.

  32. RS says:

    Just saw one in our yard in San Diego, Encinitas. very bright and active.

  33. Janet Lafler says:

    Just spotted one in my back yard in Palo Alto! Gorgeous, gorgeous bird.

  34. leslie says:

    there are two trying to get into my coach house .. and i am in so i’ve never seen them here before .. pretty birds

  35. Jim says:

    I just saw one of these in Riverside, CA. It was in the front yard, in a bird-of-paradise tree. Beautiful bird, but like one of the previous posters, I assumed it was an escaped pet.

  36. Naz says:

    I just saw one in my front yard in Miami, FL. Is it weird for them to be in Florida?

  37. stefania says:

    just saw 2 o the orioles birds in my back yard 1 was trying to get my back door thought some one lost them i’m in kentucky out side of louisville wow beautiful

  38. Outer Richmond says:

    Just had the pleasure to say hello to a yellow oriole! Noticed a different song outside my window this morning and had to take a look. Really a lovely sight. Outer Richmond of San Francisco-approx. 5 blocks north of Golden Gate Park

  39. vickie says:

    I saw 2 of these beautiful birds near Heartwell Park in Long Beach, CA

  40. RjinSS says:

    We live in Sand Diego and have a male and a female visit our hummingbird feeder several times a day.

  41. bane says:

    We have a couple that have been coming to nest in our bannana trees and giant birds of paradise for the last 4 summers. they come back here to our yard in San Clemente every year and are so beautiful. as a bonus they pick the caterpillars off of our fruit trees to feed the babies

  42. Corky says:

    We have one that comes to our hummingbird feeder in Lincoln, California. It is breathtaking to see him.

  43. ashley b. says:

    I saw this one in my backyard. He was on a tree and I heard it singing. It has a very lovely tune.

  44. ashley b. says:

    I live in Ventura County

  45. Jacquie says:

    Saw one today in our backyard, south San Jose. Amazing bird.

  46. Brian says:

    One’s been visiting us 2 weeks straight in Chula Vista, CA, 10 mi S of San Diego.

  47. Gabe says:

    Just saw one fly by our humming bird feeder in San Diego, CA. First time I’ve ever seen one.

  48. tomis says:

    Watched one today in my back yard in Carson, CA.

  49. tomis says:

    Somebody wrote that it eats blackberries; does it eat blueberries too (I have two blueberry bushes in my garden..)?

  50. jalama says:

    I just saw one land on my tree outside my home office in Northridge in the San Fernando Valley in Southern Cali. Beautiful!! I have never seen one! What a gift!

  51. Jackie says:

    I have a pair that returns every year to bathe in my bird bath together. The male is spectacular. They are very shy and do not stay very long.

  52. O'side says:

    Spotted tonight in our backyard here in Oceanside. On our Kangaroo Paw plant and orange tree.

  53. Gayle Hobson says:

    Just saw the most beautiful bird outside my office window yesterday morning. Lemon yellow with black wings. I am a former Michigander and have seen lots of birds in my time, but he was incredible! I live in Menifee where we typically see finches, sparrows, crows, ravens, doves, hawks and owls. Never anything as colorfull as these. Hope he, I’m assuming it’s a he, returns.

  54. monica says:

    I live in scottsdale i have three that come and drink out of my hummingbird feeder thats stuck on my window.. they r absolutely beautiful. They live up in a palm tree. they r breathtaking. they love sugarwater!

  55. Ed says:

    I have one that keeps eating out of my Humming bird feeder. I have seen him three times in the last week.

  56. Rik says:

    I live in Newport Beach, back bay, and one took a bath in our fountain this morning. First time I’ve seen one here!

  57. caprivi says:

    Just saw one in Campbell, CA so of course had to google–which brought me here. Hope he stays a while.

  58. Cynthia says:

    I live in San Ramon California. Just spotted my first this morning feeding out of my humming bird feeder. Perhaps this is the bird that removed half of the little plastic yellow flowers in my humming bird feeder. Sure made it easy for him to get to the “sauce”
    The Humming birds just backed off when this beauty arrived at the feeder.

  59. Katfish1960 says:

    I live in Simi Valley, and we have at least 2 Male and 2 female Hooded Orioles raiding my hummingbird feeder everyday for the past two months.

  60. Carol says:

    Just saw one in Redwood City at our hummingbird feeder

  61. SoCal says:

    We have had one of these in our back yard for months. We are in southern CA – Costa Mesa
    Beautiful bird

  62. Jon says:

    Spotted one for the first time at my hummingbird feeder in Petaluma.

  63. Michael says:

    Beautiful mail and female together in backyard jn Lafayette,Ca

  64. Linda says:

    I spotted one in my yard in Santa Rosa, ca twice this week. I haven’t seen them before. They are so bright and beautiful

  65. Robin says:

    I live in Fountain Valley Ca 3 miles from the beach and I have a pair that comes to my hummingbird feeder every year. He is absolutely beautiful. No mistaking that he is the extremely hooded oriole. She is boring and a pea green but both very sweet. Yay for me they always come back. When he is in my grapefruit tree he is hard to see!

  66. Anonymous says:

    Just saw one in my backyard on San Carlos. Slid down the fronds of a palm tree!

  67. Diane says:

    We have a couple families of them down here in San Diego, Lakeside area. They LOVE the hummingbird feeders, quite entertaining to see the interaction between all the hummies and these guys. Very chattery bunch.

  68. Joanne says:

    This evening a male landed in my tomato vines where he appeared to me looking for insects. He was exactly like the picture from SF area. He returned several times to search for more food. I saw one from a distance last summer but this year the tomato plants were very attractive to him so we got a real close up view. I saw a small green worm on the plants yesterday so I welcome all the help I can get from him.

  69. C.J. says:

    Poway, San Diego. Saw two in nest in backyard trying to take baby hummingbird from nest. Hummingbird fed baby later.

  70. Steve says:

    Think I saw one in my back yard. This is closest to what it looked like, defintely was not a goldfinch or a yellow headed blackbird. Body was yellow, like this one. Been in this house for 18 years here in Central Phoenix. First time I’ve seen one.

  71. Donna says:

    We have them here in south central New Mexico!

  72. We saw a yellow hooded oriole in our back yard in our back yard eating off of a liliac bush in the Carol Stream, Illinois area. We looked at several other birds that look like it but none compared to the picture I took.
    It is a very beautiful bird.

  73. Dawn says:

    I live in San Diego (Rancho Penesquitos area) and have had one, the last couple of days, drinking out of my hummingbird feeders. It looks exactly like this picture so I’m guessing it’s an oriole. It’s beautiful but shouldn’t they be eating seeds or bugs instead of sneaking a drink from the hummingbird feeders? It’s kind of funny though.

  74. Kathy says:

    I think I saw one last week at my birdbath. I’m in Arnold, Ca. Fairly close to Yosemite. He was breathtaking!

  75. Debora says:

    Awesome pictures of the Yellow hooded oriole. We have year round yellow hooded orioles that live at our Loreto Hotel in Baja California Sur, La Damiana Inn. We have a tough time taking pictures of them, because they are so smart. Keeps them from becoming cat food. They never used to stay year round, but since we added the compost pile, they have lots of larvea to munch on. Thanks for the bird watching photos. Love Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Debora :-)

  76. Sergio says:

    I’ve seen a couple of these visit my back yard for the past week or two… Just beautiful… Burbank, CA

  77. James says:

    I had one of these in my yard today drinking from the Hummingbird feeder and playing in the trees. I live in the Sonaran Desert in souther Arizona and have never seen one before. He let me take many pictures of him. What color, what beauty

  78. Tiffany says:

    We’ve had a pair here in Hollywood . . . except it’s Hollywood FL :-)!
    Soooo beautiful.

  79. leah farber says:

    I just saw one of these brightly colored birds on my hummingbird feeder drinking. I was so surprised to see a regular sized bird drinking from the hummingbird feeder! I had to look it up to see what type of bird it was. I have never seen one before. I live in Woodland Hills, CA. Thanks for posting this photo so I could identify it!!

  80. Carol says:

    I had just noticed a male and female last summer and they have came back – they love my humminird feeder – my pooep hummingbird dont know what to think being they have been the dominant the few years and all the sudden the oriole shows up – they are beautiful birds – hope see some babies – I have put out friut but the hummungbird feeder takes the winner! I have lived her in the desert for over 10 years and never seen these birds until now!

  81. Colleen says:

    I just saw a male in my mandarin orange tree right here in Hollywood, CA. I’ve never seen a yellow one before. So cool and so pretty!!

  82. David says:

    Palm Springs Here! Beautiful Bird standing and feeding on the birdfeeder. Did not know these birds came to the desert.

  83. Anonymous says:

    I had 2 females and 1 male yellow hooded orieol try to drink out of my humming bird feeder this morning!! So amazing!! I live in diamond bar ca

  84. Josie says:

    While washing dishes 2 days ago one landed on our jeep rack outside. I have never seen one before I was so stunned i called my son over to so he could see i wasnt crazy. So Beautiful! Yellow with black mask and yellow and black band on wings, black legs and beak. We are in Chula Vista CA around 3rd ave. we do have wild blackberries in our yard and alot of humming birds/feeders too. We have alot of colorful birds here but that was the 1st time I’ve seen one of these.

  85. bob says:

    My 6 yr old daughter spotted a male and female at our home in SF yesterday and was so excited. I’ve been in SF for 25 years and have never seen the male. Beautiful bird! I can’t wait to tell her what kind of bird it is/

  86. sfcitizen says:

    They certainly are striking.

  87. Rickmdm says:

    April 2013 San Clemente, Ca.: have a pair out singing and carrying on, like birds have a want to
    at this time of year. The male is striking, female not so much. Their song is
    not as beautiful as the male’s plumage.

  88. Doug says:

    Valencia just outside L.A. 4/23/13
    Saw nice pair in cactus garden . Have never seen one before .
    Beautiful vibrant, just had to find what type of birds they are.

  89. Linda says:

    We are seeing what seems to be yellow hooded orieole visiting our hummingbird feeder in our front yard, about 1 mile north of Palm Springs, CA. Really unique and beautiful.

  90. Ann says:

    Got 2 of these on my hummingbird feeder in Sunland, CA, not far from Valencia!

  91. Ann says:

    ….Could also be regular “hooded orioles” rather than “extremely hooded.” I’ll have to get another look at the neck and get back to y’all. :) Anyway, nice to have a little piece of SF in my yard!

  92. Pookitty says:

    I just saw one today in redding drinking from my mango popcicle plants

  93. gary says:

    saw one on my hummingbird feeder 5-1-13 . . . what a beautiful bird . . . Chula Vista, CA

  94. mike says:

    Just spotted one in my Oak trees in Tiburon.

  95. Ellsworth says:

    This weekend I saw two different males in San Luis Obispo, CA near Tank Farm Rd. My lady says that they have been drinking at her hummingbird feeder for about 20 years so this generation is not shy.
    Just knocked my socks off, they were so vivid and large!

  96. Donna says:

    I have seen one on my hummingbird feeder in Yucca Valley CA. Beautiful bird.

  97. Sheila says:

    Today I saw one of these extraordinarily colorful birds. I’m in South Orange County, Laguna Beach. It appeared to be enjoying my Hummingbird feeder. This is the largest bird I have ever seen on the feeder. Somewhat surprising!

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  99. Diana Newport says:

    I live Santee, a suburb of San Diego. I believe I have seen a male twice in my yard.
    They are so quick, I am not sure. But what I am seeing is a vibrant yellow, not dull at all.

  100. Alex says:

    I live in Los Angeles and have one that frequently visits our hummingbird feeders and actually is pretty aggressive towards the hummingbirds.

  101. Martha Pitts says:

    I live in Richmond, California and I spotted 2 vivid yellow birds with black wings about 9 months ago. This morning I spotted 1 on the telephone line outside my home. So now I know what they are they are beautiful.

  102. Diane says:

    We live in Antioch,CA and we have a hummingbird feeder right outside our upstairs window and one of these beautiful birds surprised us 2 days ago by feeding from our feeder. What a treat

  103. Hannah says:

    As previously mentioned by others, I too unknowingly attracted these beauties when we put up our hummingbird feeder a few weeks ago at our home in Brea, CA (north Orange County). As soon as I discovered they were orioles and not some exotic runaway, I immediately ran out to our local WBU and purchased an oriole feeder (basically a hummingbird feeder with larger holes); boy am I glad I did. There are at least a few of them that show up regularly to scarf down the nectar and grape jelly. The mature males are SO gorgeous but they seem to be a bit more skittish at the feeder than the females – I can understand why, given their conspicuous plumage! I cannot wait until they bring their fledglings with them to the feeder. That ought to be quite the sight!

  104. Alicia says:

    Just spotted a pair of these guys in our backyard in Corona, CA.

  105. Sean says:

    I just saw one of these beauties in my yard in Oakland hills, so pretty i went to get my camera but it was gone.

  106. Ruthie says:

    This brightly colored yellow bird with black markings is vary eye catching. I had to stop and watch as it sat on the branch of a tree near my home. Both the bird & just stared at each other for a good minute. I think this bird enjoyed looking at me as much I did looking at him/or her. Very rare to see one of these types of birds in this area. We have many types of carnivorous birds in this area, I hope it can survive here in Oakridge Park in Sylmar CA.

  107. Cookie says:

    I just spotted this bird in my yard . It was a very special sight to see and enjoyment for my moment in my yard.

  108. J. Skapik says:

    I have been watching this bird for weeks. He has a mate that is a paler yellow with lighter black markings. He is absolutely gorgeous! I live in Claremont, CA . We are located about 30 miles east of Los Angeles.

  109. Susan says:

    I’ve had these beautiful birds come to my hummingbird feeder for a few years now. They are not in any of my bird books. Thank goodness for your site.Just one more beautiful bit of nature to see in the High Desert (Apple Valley specifically).

  110. Debi says:

    A pair just showed up in our back yard. We live on a lake in North Jersey. They are beautiful! By boyfriend was yelling from the back door you have to come see this. The two bright deep yellow and black birds, along with a few other birds were dive bombing a large black bird. That was the first time I saw them. At first I thought they were finches but color was darker and the birds bigger.

  111. gilly says:

    just saw one in my back yard in laguna beach… cool — and i used to live in baltimore watching the orioles — but i guess those are orange…

  112. Judy Bjornsen says:

    I live in Younville Ca Napa Valley. And we have a few of these beautiful birds drinking out of the humming bird feeders. The first one we saw was very bright orange and we looked it up and now we have the orange and a few yellow. Love watching them. But I have to say the humming birds are not Aggressive with them at all as they are with one another

  113. Lillian says:

    This is the first time I have seen this bird at the hummingbird feeder. It was amazing. It must have had quite a flight this spring. We live at Saskatchewan, Canada.

  114. Jess says:

    I have had a male an female in my back yard for the last 2 years. Lodi California. They feed on my hummingbird feeder. Far more daring this year. They land now 10 feet from me, as if to say “leave so we can feed”. My hummingbird family do not like them, but they seem to share ok this year.

  115. Leilani says:

    I have a pair raiding my hummingbird feeder in San Juan Capistrano. The male is very vivid yellow with a black mask. Beautiful!

  116. Craig Howell says:

    I just saw the one at this link in my backyard in San Carlos this morning, first one I have ever seen. What a spectacular bird!


  117. Steve Smith says:

    I believe I saw one of these in the College Ave area, Oceanside, Ca. I have never seen one before and I was curious what it was. Very striking to look at.

  118. Tom Bonnstetter says:

    Just saw one trying to feed out of the humming bird feeder in my back yard….Anahiem Hills CA

  119. Mary says:

    These beautiful birds showed up several months ago at my So Cal home in Granada Hills (San Fernando Valley) They love the clear Hummingbird food and feed from my feeder several times daily. The Hummingbirds wait their turn!

  120. Juan & Nancy says:

    July 4th, 2013. This is. The second year we have a male and a female pair in our yard. They feed from our hummingbird feeder several times a day. They seem to live in our palm trees, but we haven’t seen a nest yet. We live in Moreno Valley, CA.

  121. Margie says:

    We have a bright yellow male in our yard (full of palms) that has returned the past 3/years. This time he brought his lady bird and they have taken up residents under our veranda and built their nest on a palm fron. The Momma and one of her babies is a dull yellow, I haven’t wanted to get close enough to see the other babies. I’m not a “bird Person” but after watching these cute little guys flit around protecting thei babies I could become one. They make me smile every day.

    We live at the beach in San Diego, Calif.

  122. Roger & Cyndee says:

    We just had a Yellow Hooded Oriole feed off our Hummingbird feeder. We live in Carlsbad,CA

  123. Mom2Jelly says:

    Just saw a male in our backyard birdbath in Poway CA, Twin Peaks. Very beautiful.

  124. Robert says:

    just saw one of these birds here in cherry valley ca. ive lived here for 20 plus years and never had the pleasure..what a beautiful bird

  125. Melisa says:

    Have a pair that live in my back yard , they built a nest and hatched 3 babies. One has not survived but the other 2 are growing beautifully love these beautiful little birds such a treat to watch them grow
    Canyon country ca

  126. Patty Spaulding says:

    I live in Valley Village (North Hollywood) and I have a pair that feed daily from my hummingbird feeder and occasionally my dry cat food on the patio. I’ve seen them every day and sometimes twice a day since May until the past few days. Could the yellow tail hawk that I see keep them away. The crows and scrub jays seem to be attacking the hawk.

  127. patty spaulding says:

    I meant red tail hawk

  128. A pair of these swooped in and out of my back yard in Fresno about a month ago. Amazing. I’d never seen any birds like these in my area before.

  129. snuffysmith says:

    we have one eating from our humming bird nectar in san jose

  130. David says:

    I just looked this bird up on line and saw the hummingbird feeder comments.
    A few minutes ago I walked by a window and saw one, for the first time, at
    my hummingbird feeder. As big as a Jay and as bright yellow as “Big Bird” Startling and spectacular! Hope to see more of him so I can definitively ID him as being a Yellow Hooded Oriole. From the picture it appears his beak is ideal for sipping nectar. I hope my Anna’s hummingbird doesn’t mind sharing. I am 18 miles south of San Diego near Rosarito Beach in Baja California.

  131. Ramon Perea says:

    I just saw a male here south of Rosarito Beach Baja California Mexico today April 04 2014.

  132. LILI says:

    I have a group of these beautiful birds all nesting in our old palm trees. There is a pond near by and they come down occasionally to drink and bath. We live in the hills of Sebastopol. They are incredible to look at and as large as a blue jay (almost). They are definitely yellow hooded orioles.

  133. Donna says:

    just saw gorgeous yellow hooded oriole on one of my hummingbird feeders drinking away! so beautiful. i live in solvang, santa barbara county. never seen this bird before. what a treat!

  134. Monica says:

    I just saw one outside and I had to Google it to see what type of bird it is. Beautiful. I’m in San Diego, CA

  135. Tim says:

    One was just outside with the female in tow…They come back to Glen Ellen(Sonoma Valley) every spring…Such a treat!!

  136. Sonia says:

    We spotted a pair in South Monterey County that feed from our hummingbird feeder early this week and they have returned every day since. I initially thought it was an exotic bird.

  137. Doug says:

    We were eating dinner tonight and a male landed in one of our birch trees right outside of our dining room window in Santa Cruz. We get a lot of hummingbirds in our birch trees, so the Extremely Yellow Headed Oriole was a natural visitor. Amazing bird….we had just finished dinner and picked up our iPhone to see who could identify it first.

  138. Sam says:

    Observed two in the neighbor’s rose bush! First time I have ever seen these birds; super bright yellow coloration caught my attention. It looked like they were feeding…I am near Coyote Creek in San Jose, near SJSU..there are several palm trees nearby and I wonder if they are nesting there? What beautiful birds!

  139. Andi says:

    I just had one now at my hummingbird feeder. I live in Oceanside, CA.

  140. Craig Stewart says:

    I also just had one on my Hummingbird feeder.

  141. Fred in the Desert says:

    I live in Trona,a Mojave Desert ghost town and three of these birds are sucking at my hummingbird feeder right now. I put up a caged suet thing and they’re eating on that,too. I’m amazed to see them here in the desert where the temp sometimes hits 130F. I’m giving them plenty of water and have alerted the whole town to their pressence. We don’t get many thrills out here in this Bad Day at Black Rock town.

  142. Anonymous says:

    I have a male oriole visiting my palm tree in Calabasas for a week now. Very vivid coloring!

  143. Fred in the Desert says:

    I met an old man today.

    ..in the checkout line at Walmart in Ridgecrest,Ca. He lives in a ghost town in the desert near me. I could tell he was starved for conversation. So he says to me “What’s up,pardner? I see you’ve got 150 pounds of birdseed in your cart”. I told him “Yup,I love the desert birds. Feed
    ’em till they puke”. So he tells me he’s got hummingbird feeders at his place and a bunch of ruby throated hummingbirds sucking at his feeder. So I said “Well have you seen the gorgeous extremely yellow hooded orioles that have suddenly abounded in the desert? The old guy says “No,I hav’nt seen one”. So I spend a couple minutes describing the exotic yellow bird in detail. People in the checkout line behind us were getting angry at us holding up the line. The old guy then said “So what do I got to do to SEE an extremely yellow hooded oriole?”. I told him “Well,first you got to drink six or eight beers then you’ll see’em”. There was complete silence for a few moments then the old man and everyone in the checkout line and the cashier burst into laughter.

  144. James says:

    May 8, 2014 Northeast Kansas

    Just put up a small, dinky bird bath yesterday near two bird feeders in my front. This bird was not only one of the few visitors so far, but when I spotted him first out of the corner of my eye, then turned to him fully, I caught my breath, I have never seen such bright colors of yellow, such deep black in contrast — he seemed to me a bird of Paradise. Then, after a couple of drinks of water, he took a full, fluttery bath.

  145. Leticia says:

    Finally I know what this beautiful bird is and definitely not a finch .. I live in Corona, CA and I have several hummingbird feeders both in my front and back yard and I have caught this exact bird drinking the nectar from my feeders.

  146. Steve says:

    I just saw one on my Hummingbird feeder today. Noisy and beautiful like a parrot. I’m in Valencia, CA.

  147. Alejandra says:

    I saw it in my backyard in Rio Rico, Az they come here very often they love to eat something inside the palo verde yellow flowers! They like to be around all other birds.

  148. Peter W. says:

    Just had one visit my feeder in La Mesa, CA. How is it I’ve never seen one before?? Amazing.

  149. John Devlin says:

    Just had the pleasure if seeing this bird in Anza just off burnt ash road , 1040am 6/5/14 , it landed in a tree but was mobbed and chased off by a group of other birds

  150. diana says:

    Saw one of these beauties in my backyard today in the Mission! It too, was chased off by two of my yard “regulars” a couple of little brown songbirds. Was a treat for sure, a beautiful bird.

  151. Lynda says:

    I live in Napa, CA and FINALLY have found this bird online!!!! I have seen two of the bright yellow, I guess males? They are so bright they look like parrots. The first time we saw one, we thought it WAS a parrot that got out of a house. They are so beautiful.

  152. Robyn McKeithan says:

    I live in Southern California.. Lakeside , California and I just saw a this bird on our rose bush !! I have never seen a bird like this

  153. vannina champenois says:

    while watching US versus Ghana, just saw one in Mountain View in my orange tree.
    so beautiful.
    I thought it was a pet out of its cage; even better if wild animal

  154. Theresa Smith says:

    We have one I spotted this morning in a tree at my work in Vista CA. It appears to be running other birds off so there may be a nest.

  155. Theresa Smith says:

    I forgot to mention that we are in North San Diego County (Vista)

  156. Naomi says:

    I have seen a pair of Hooded Orioles in my front yard on top of my humming bird feeder. they come in the afternoon. there use to be so many of them when we first moved here in 1979. then about 15 years ago they stopped coming. its so nice to see them again.

  157. Daniele says:

    Does anyone know if they can be predominately be all yellow. Saw a pair this morning in Fallbrook california… What a beautif bird !!

  158. Audrey says:

    We have one coming to our hummingbird feeder in Aptos, Ca.

    He is beautiful. Its been here four or five times that we have seen it. It disappears in our leafy Maple Tree. Even in the green leaves, his beautiful color shows.

    I can send great photos if you want.

  159. sfcitizen says:

    Sure, send a photo. Thx!

  160. Anonymous says:

    Just saw one at our hummingbird feeder in Albany, Ca.

  161. CrazyBirdLady says:

    Finally got a picture of one today; had no idea what it was until I found your information. I live in Orange County, California. It is one of the most beautiful birds I’ve seen!

  162. Shawn says:

    We have one in Chino Hills,CA. Been here for few years. Just saw him this morning… Was able to get (crummy) pic with my phone.

  163. Margie and nick says:

    we have a hooded Oriole that comes and visits our backyard and love spending time in our water fountain what a beautiful bird we live in Buena Park California and it’s nice seeing it!

  164. Tono says:

    We have seen this beautiful bird in our backyard May 2, 2015. El Cajon, CA
    San Diego County

  165. Pinky says:

    I have seen one at my humming bird feeder over the last few weeks….what a beautiful bird! Fontana, Ca. Representing.

  166. theresa and Randy says:

    we live on the beautiful Central Coast and have seen two of them coming to the hummingbird feeders they are absolutely breathtaking
    San luis Obispo county. ……

  167. Randy says:

    Saw male this morning sucking the sugar water on one of my large hummingbird feeders. Glad I tracked down what he was. A little more orange than the examples displayed here, and very beautiful. Not the first time I’ve seen them in Shingle Springs, CA (east of Sacramento) but sightings are quite rare…once every couple of years.

  168. Patty says:

    We have 2 beautiful Yellow Hooded Orioles taking over our hummingbird feeders in Stockton, California did not know what type of bird they were until I set up my iPad on video and captured some great photos and went online to search. Thank you for answering our curiosty we too thought they were someone’s pets.

  169. Denise says:

    Palmdale, California
    All my years, I have never seen this Bird, looked on web,
    Pretty Sure this was it, could it be? it’s sitting on my fence.

  170. Julie says:

    Orange County, CA
    We have two of these big birds drinking out of the hummingbird feeders. I hope they are here to stay. They are shy and are not allowing us to take pictures but we will keep trying!

  171. Sarah says:

    Pretty sure we saw one today in a wooded residential area of Walnut Creek, CA, sitting on a telephone wire. Its head looked more rounded, almost shrike-like, than some of the photos I’ve seen but the weather was a little cool and windy and maybe the bird was just fluffing itself up a bit for warmth. Really striking color–warm bright yellow. Beautiful bird–I feel very lucky to have seen it.

  172. Jerry Heeschen says:

    My wife saw one of these in our back yard in Campbell CA yesterday! She saw it feeding a little one so probably a nest somewhere close by. Very cool!!!!!:)

  173. G Bredemeier says:

    Today a bird looking much like the picture above stopped by to drink from our hummingbird feeder. We are in Sun Lakes CC in Banning CA. First we’ve seen this bird. Very beautiful.

  174. jim says:

    We live in Huntington Beach and have a male and female regularly visiting our Hummingbird feeder and Italian Cypress. Nice to finally know what these beauties are. A real delight for the eyes and soul.

  175. Alina W says:

    My 6yr old niece came running inside this evening and told me I had to come quick cuz there was a “very special black and yellow bird in our tree”, he was gorgeous. We had never seen one before and hope he comes back! What makes it extra cool is her 8yr old brothers Little League team is the Orioles!

  176. Alina W says:

    I forgot to mention we live in Santa Cruz Ca.

  177. Larry L says:

    I have seen them in my backyard in Costa Mesa, CA for the last several years. I just saw one which led me to this sight. Beautiful birds!

  178. Rick says:

    Spotted one this morning in Palo Alto. Beautiful.

  179. Sid Henderson says:

    No more than 30 minutes ago, one flew into my neighbor’s oak tree. I live in north Stockton and this is the first one I have ever seen. It is a very striking bird.

  180. Eric says:

    I think I just saw one in my backyard in Redwood City. It was eating the ripe cherry plums from my neighbor’s tree. It’s the first time I’ve ever noticed this bird, and it was gorgeous.

  181. mariann says:

    My brother and I just spotted one in the San Fernando Valley, Granada Hills Ca in the back yard on the telephone wire! So incredibly beautiful!!! First time ever!

  182. Cookie says:

    for the past five years this bird. Has been nesting in my back yard they come late spring have babies then leave until next year. They build there nest By stripping the palm leaf and making a ball.

  183. Gary says:

    Just saw one in my back yard in Northern Ca

  184. Lee says:

    pretty sure I just saw one in my yard, near my hummer feeder, in Coronado Ca. (Small island off San Diego). She/he was very large and beautifully colored. Did not stay long enough to have his picture taken! What do they like to eat? I’d like to lure him back.

  185. Cozetta Winn says:

    We have been seeing a male here in Riverside for years. He comes to our humming bird feeder. Beautiful, and bright vivid color.

  186. Diana says:

    We have a nest in our grapevine, inland of San Diego. Beautiful! Thanks for helping me figure out what they are. Today there are 3-4 babies flying around the yard, each about the size of an adult hummer.

  187. Deborah Willard says:

    Just saw one in Woodside.. how cool is that.

  188. Gary says:

    Just saw one this morning in Hayfork, Ca, about 80 miles WSW of Redding, CA. This is the first one I’ve seen here. He landed on our humming bird feeder and tried to drink! Gorgeous bird!

  189. melody lee says:

    I live in boulavard ca.and in my front yard is a single fan palm and two of these birds have had three babies…

  190. Angel says:

    I live in Vista California and I was in my living room looking out my window and saw one of these little guys on one of the trees

  191. rose says:

    I have been seeing this bird for weeks, but we are in Castaic Ca. he is alone. Are they migrating here now?

  192. Sharon says:

    Have seen a pair past two weeks coming to my hummingbird feeder for past 3 weeks. Gorgeous bird but very skittish. Will not stay at feeder if sees us through window.

  193. Sharon says:

    We live in Eastlake ( east Chula Vista) We have had a pair coming to our humming bird feeder for the past 2 weeks. Beautiful birds but very skittish. Will not stay at feeder if sees us through the window. Very distinctive sound. Male is so striking with that yellow plumage

  194. Juan says:

    Yesterday evening noticed one nesting on a nearby palm tree, Clearlake, ca

  195. Chris says:

    I have a male and female in my backyard, they have their nest hanging from a branch of one of my Palm trees. I can hear chirping of the baby birds at feeding time. They are both so beautiful. My husband and I had never seen them before so we go out to our backyard often to look at them. We live in Alta Loma CA.

  196. Chris says:

    We live in Alta Loma CA and we see a male and female in our backyard. They have a neat hanging from one of the leaves of our palmtree. We can hear the chirping of the baby birds at feeding time. What a beautiful sight! !

  197. Otto says:

    7/12/15 0811 hrs. Redding, Ca
    Just saw an Extremely Yellow Hooded Oriole on our humming bird feeder

  198. Debbie says:

    I have never seen these before and I live in El Dorado Hills near Sacramento. Have golden finches but never seen a yellow bird this large. It was in my vegetable garden.

  199. Angela says:

    Just saw one in our tree in the backyard. Here in Rancho, San Diego

  200. Martha says:

    Just saw one out front in Emeryville.

  201. Mark and Kristy says:

    Just saw one today at our hummingbird feeder in Torrance, CA.

  202. Sonya says:

    There is one on my back fence. Keeps hitting the hummingbird feeders.

  203. OJ says:

    Saw one this afternoon in my backyard in South San Francisco.

  204. Judy says:

    We have maybe two that come to the hummingbird feeder..I live in Tujunga Calif.

  205. Judy says:

    We are in Point Loma – San Diego. They have built an upside down nest hanging from underneath one of the giant bird of paradise leaves in our backyard. They are now feeding babies inside of the nest. We are anxious to see how many babies there are. This has been fascinating. I tried to post a picture of the nest but it did not go through

  206. Sam Barker says:

    Seen in west Berkeley on 8/21/15 a bright yellow bird with black bin and wing.

  207. Sam Barker says:

    Black bib sorry

  208. Kathy says:

    On July 26th I saw one at my hummingbird feeder, just drinking away.
    This was in Redding, CA

  209. Rebecca says:

    I first noticed this bird last year in my birdbath. I just saw him back today so bright yellow/black. He was bathing once again in Vista,Ca.

  210. Damian says:

    Just spotted one to my surprise in my back yard. It seems to get along with the local little brown birds. When I spotted it It looked at me just as curiously as I looked at it. Hopefully I’ll see it around a little more. It’s quite to beauty. I live in Inglewood CA.

  211. April says:

    Rancho Bernardo, CA. One just landed on my olive tree in my backyard enjoying the light rain I guess! They were 2 yesterday flying around when I was gardening. Never saw them before-14 years here. Absolutely beautiful, I really hope they will pay another visit.

  212. JimW says:

    Whittier, CA. I took a pic of one that visited us this afternoon. It went for our Red Hot Poker blossoms which currently attract hummingbirds. Hope he or his kin make a seasonal pit stop of our backyard.

  213. Tasha Hester says:

    Just spotted one of these beautiful birds in Bisbee Arizona 85603.

  214. Teresa Lay says:

    I live in Sarasota Fl. I just was driving on the interstate and saw this most beautiful bird, I went right online to find this bird. He wad not injured. Told my husband, he did not see it. Said” Did he have a suitcase.

  215. Gio says:

    Saw a couple of these in our lemon tree yesterday
    Granada Hills/Bull Creek, , California

  216. monty L Mola says:

    Just caught this guy draining my hummingbird feeder! I’m in S. Sebastopol.

  217. Louise says:

    Saw one in my backyard in San Juan Capistrano tonight.This is the 2nd year

  218. Lois Borton says:

    So excited. For several days I have seen the bright yellow oriole, today was another not as bright yellow one. They are enjoying my sugar water feeder for the hummingbirds here in Long Beach. Another one of God’s gifts and blessings.

  219. Evan B says:

    One spotted at Flora Grubb Gardens in the Bayview 05/24/16 6:52 pm sipping nectar from the aloes.

  220. Lois Borton says:

    Oh where oh where did you go……I have been waiting for a return stop by but no luck.
    Waiting in Long Beach, calif.

  221. Tawnya Deeths says:

    Saw one for the first time today in my backyard in Rohnert Park, Sonoma county. Beautiful!

  222. Joan Hopper says:

    I’m in Southern Oregon, Medford, I have one up here feeding from my Hummingbird Feeder !!!!! I Have NEVER seen one before !! Such a Vivid Orange/Yellow with Black around face & wings & Tail !!! It’s Beautiful !!!!!

  223. Cristina says:

    One of these brightly colored birds just lighted on the staff that holds up the bird feeder. It looked around for a few seconds, then disappeared into the pyracantha tree next door. What a treat to see a bird of color!

  224. Angel from The Bay says:

    I live in Santa Clara County and I have a couple that visits or more like steals my homemade hummingbird water on my porch. They are beautiful birds. One is mostly yellow and the other is yellow with black. At first, I thought someone’s pet escaped until I did a little research. They sure do love hummingbird feeder water. I have to discourage it because I don’t know if it’s good for them. I would think the hummingbird needed it more due to its speed.

  225. Robert Schmahl says:

    I saw this bird, yellow with black wings and throat, in Anaheim Hills, CA
    today. The breast was almost an orange/yellow. Apparently it was an Extremely yellow hooded oriole.

  226. Marcos rodriguez says:

    I live in Morgan Hill California and I spotted two in my front yard never seen this type of bird up close what a treat it was

  227. Nancy Petty says:

    Saw one yesterday in m front yard in Pacifica.

  228. Christina says:

    I live in Fortuna ca and we had a beautiful bright one try to drink from the humming bird feeder two separate times

  229. Bobbie Taylor says:

    I have a bright male and a paler female literally “hanging” around my hummingbird feeder (usually upside down, drinking from the bottom rim), daily for about a week now. Usually appear around 4:00-5:00 PM–but came in the early afternoon today. I live in Orange, CA…so I may be sharing the one Robert saw in Anaheim Hills. Beautiful–and comical to watch!

  230. Bobbie Taylor says:

    Well, since I typed the above after midnight, the last appearance was yesterday (Sunday, July 3).

  231. Jer says:

    Yes, been watching for several months, since April, have at least 1 male returning to our hummingbird feeder almost daily. Have several pix from cellphone camera as well regular camera. Very colorful. And does have a nice chirp and call when he’s up and around the trees in the yard.
    Rohnert Park, CA.

  232. Keith says:

    We also have a couple of yellow jays which have almost taken over our hummingbird feeder here in San Diego. Hummingbirds still get their fair share, though.

  233. Ed Martin says:

    I have this bird here in Las Vegas nv. coming to my Hummingbird feeder every day the last 3 weeks. I also see 2 females drinking from my feeders. I love there colors. BIG SMILES.

  234. Paul Watrous says:

    I just spotted a pair of Yellow Hooded Oriols in my back yard. They are attracted to my Dewdrop bush and my pomegranate tree. This is the first time spotted on my property. I live in Rialto, ca, 92316.

  235. Carol AHolguin says:

    We have one who visits at least a couple of times a week. West Covina, CA

  236. David Kal says:

    We live in Carlsbad, north San Diego County, in the Hills . Today, 8/4/16 @ 6:00 pm, we saw one, and could not believe how bright yellow and beautiful it was. We have hummingbird feeders, so we are always out back watching the hummingbirds. Then to our surprise, a beautiful taxi cab Yellow hooded Oreo paid us a visit. Probably one of the most beautiful birds we have ever seen.

  237. Marie says:


    Saw one – a male in the trees in our backyard in Broadmoor Villiage, Ca. Never saw a truly colorful bird such as this here before, save for Robins. Had to find out what he was!

  238. Lorraine says:

    Have had a mated pair return each season for several years in San Jose, CA. They love the oriole feeders that are similar to hummingbird feeders but are orange and have slightly larger feeding holes. Same formula is used as in hummingbird feeders. This year, noticed that the parents chased the juniors away from the feeders, which I’m sure is a survival lesson for “the kids”. The juniors are somewhat clumsy landing on the feeders and still aren’t sure if they should try the hummer stations or the ones for Orioles. Hate to see them leave for the season later this month!

  239. Kyle says:

    Multiple sightings by me. San Diego California

  240. Susan says:

    I have one here in Rancho Cucamonga, CA that is trying to break into the humming bird feeder, what a brat.

  241. claudia says:

    the hooded oriole, and all migratory birds, are federally protected by the migratory bird treaty act of 1918…we have been blessed for many years to see generations of hooded orioles that come to nest in 2 palm trees of 2 adjacent properties…last year a new owner of one of the properties refused to wait to cut down the palm tree until the orioles migrated back to mexico in sept…after contacting the federal and the state fish and game dept, asking them to behave proactively and speak up to the new neighbor, I learned it is only until after the act has been committed can the law be enforced…fortunately, the orioles got out safely because the building plans were not approved by the planning commission…the new neighbor wanted to buy a part of the old neighbors property to cut down his palm tree or at least pay to have the palm cut down…the old neighbor did not want any of that…sadly, the new neighbor accidently caught the old neighbors palm tree on fire when he put his cigarette out on it…this year, with the arrival of the orioles approaching, I contacted the Audubon society, who had the new neighbor remove his palm tree well in advance of their arrival…and now, there is a pair of hooded orioles nesting in the burned fan palm tree in our old neighbors yard and we are holding our breath there will be no accidents when the demolition of the property happens…I will be meeting with the mayor here in Sonoma next week, asking for ordinances to uphold the migratory bird treaty act, specific to fan palm trees…no removal from march to sept, and no harm to the tree whether an accident or not…its only right.

  242. Janet says:

    Fairly certain I had one of these beautiful vibrant yellow birds visit our backyard in Galt, CA this afternoon. Hope to catch another glimpse soon so I can confirm. Thanks for all of the comments above – really helpful.

  243. ilse willer says:

    I have seen one of these incredibly beautiful birds for about 2 weeks in our yard, trying to get to the hummingbird feeder, Riverside, Southern California.

  244. Ernie Rodriguez says:

    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen I just saw one literally like 15 minutes ago in the San Gabriel valley. It was truely an admiration

  245. Anne Williams says:

    Just spotted bathing and drinking in my fountain at home in Sherman Oaks,

  246. Scott says:

    May 28th, 12:30PM, Ventura California. Just saw male and female in my tree. Hope they stay for a while. My daughters are loving the colors and unique song from this pair.

  247. George says:

    Just spotted one in my back yard. Never seen a bird like that here in long beach ca.

  248. Rick says:

    Seen one in my back yard in Buffalo, N.Y. It was eating from our hummingbird feeder.Beautiful bird!

  249. MG says:

    Just had one of these beautiful birds land and drink from my fountain in Upland, CA. Simply gorgeous…

  250. Karen says:

    I was sitting out in my backyard with one of my twin daughters…he flew in our crepe myrtle tree…just for about one minute..then flew off. I’ve lived in Rancho Cucamonga for 23 years and have never seen a bird so beautiful!!

  251. claudia says:

    I am asking all of you to keep in mind the migratory bird treaty act and learn about the hooded oriole and what he needs to continue to locate himself in your area…in particular a nesting site which is generally a fan palm…if any of you are interested insuring their habitat it is possible to speak to the tree committee or mayor of your town to have ordinances in place specific to the fan palm tree…no removing of palm trees from march to oct…we need to insure their habitat not only where they normally live but also where they migrate to nest and increase their population.

  252. Jodi Elliott says:

    My husband and I just saw one of these bright beautiful birds land twice on our hummingbird feeder this morning!! We live in Sedona Az and I could not believe my eyes!! What a treat!

  253. Andrea Morgan says:

    I have been seeing a pair getting into my orange trees. They do have such a beautiful song and they are such a treat to see! I hope they hang around for a while. Petaluma, CA

  254. Lorri says:

    July 11, 2017 I have on in my yard now. He lives way above n king palms. Northern San Diego county.

  255. Lorri says:

    He’s a singer too

  256. Vicki says:

    I’ve seen these in the last two days in Cambria, CA. Beautiful! I saw a pair yesterday, sitting in a pine tree before they took off. Today I saw them again
    in a flowering tree. I don’t know where they live. I’m on a hill and can see quite a distance all around and don’t see any palm trees, which I’ve read are their preferred nesting site.

  257. Jason says:

    This beautiful bird has been in my backyard in Belmont, California for the last few days. It loves our hummingbird feeder!

  258. nild says:

    for four years now orioles visit my back yard, they come in April and by September they are gone for the winter. I place humming sugar water feeders and grape jelly plus pieces of oranges and they delight me with their beautiful colors.

  259. Mary Anne Tanner says:

    I saw one of these large yellow birds feeding from my hummingbird feeder. Beautiful, beautiful bird!

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