Dennis Herrera Throws Down: Say Good-Bye to Suede Nightclub at 383 Bay

Our City Attorney Dennis J. Herrera can’t abide scofflaws, as you should probably already know. By the time he picks you out as one of a “few bad apples” and you’re appearing in it’s already too late.

Like this morning, at 383 Bay Street, the site of boarded-up Suede Nightclub and the scene of a host of problems. Check it out, looks as if the entire City, including elements of the Entertainment Commission, wants this Club Suede shut down for far longer than just 30 days.

The scene today at Powell and Bay, with Board of Supervisors President and District 2 Supe David Chiu and members of the Entertainment Commission and the SFPD. We had elected and appointed officials all lined up taking turns to herald the value of a “vibrant” nightlife scene in San Francisco. Then they all ripped on Suede:

Who’ll defend you, Suede? Your mouthpiece, sure, but will he/she be enough?

No. We’re way past the beginning of the end now. We’re at the end of the end.

“City Attorney Dennis Herrera will be joined by Police Chief George Gascón, Board President Supervisor David Chiu, Entertainment Commissioners Terrance Allan and Audrey Joseph at a press conference this morning, Thursday, April 15, for an announcement relating to today’s filing of a complaint against the owner and operator of Club Suede.
Club Suede is a notorious public nuisance in the Fisherman’s Wharf area where the club’s unruly crowds, fights, shootings, and stabbings have plagued the business community and surrounding neighborhood.  The club’s egregious pattern of disorderly conduct eventually led to the violence that culminated in this past February’s fatal shooting.
Press conference on City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s litigation against the owner and operator of Club Suede

City Attorney Dennis Herrera
Police Chief George Gascón
Board President Supervisor David Chiu
Entertainment Commissioner Terrance Allan 
Entertainment Commissioner Audrey Joseph
Other community representatives, industry leaders

This morning. Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 10:30 a.m.
In front of Club Suede
383 Bay Street at Mason Street
San Francisco, CA”

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