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Believe it or not, this fellow is On The Job. His job is to ride his bike around San Francisco killing mosquito babies. Read all about it at, home of the Mosquito Abatement Courier Team.

Deets below.

 Mors Ab Alto, Death From Above:

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Mosquito Abatement Bicycle Courier! Mosquito Abatement Bicycle Courier! Mosquito Abatement Bicycle Courier!

Leaving you with words from Michael Millican, site admin for

“In honor of Earth Day we are launching This web site will act as the hub for the San Francisco Mosquito Abatement Courier Team, which is an ongoing project of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and powered by Pestec Integrated Pest Management Providers.

The SF MAC Team is a group of dedicated Bicyclists and Walkers who work throughout the mosquito season to reduce the risks mosquitoes pose to the City and County of San Francisco. The program is unique to San Francisco. Using carbon neutral methods the SF MAC team inspects the 22,000 catch basins throughout the City and County of San Francisco for conditions conducive to mosquito life. These include catch basins blocked with debris, standing water, broken or missing grates and mosquito activity itself. The Team tracks the catch basins with GPS markers and a dot of paint, to ensure that every catch basin in the city is inspected multiple times over the mosquito season stretching from February to November. (See our Routes page for a selection of San Francisco’s catch basins. You may need to download a plugin to view the google earth application.) Last year the team performed approximately 222,000 catch basin inspections during the season.

The goal of reducing mosquito activity is to help maintain a higher quality of life for the residents of the City and County of San Francisco. Mosquitoes are vectors for multiple diseases, and the SF MAC Team was created 5 years ago as a response to the rapid spread of the West Nile Virus. By keeping mosquito activity to a minumum, the SF MAC Team is decreasing the mosquito’s ability to spread dangerous diseases. The use of Vectolex is intended to reduce the risk of pesticide exposure to any organism that is not a mosquito. A bio-diverse and healthy San Francisco is the ultimate goal of the SF MAC Team, and our use of alternative/carbon-neutral transportation methods is part of achieving that goal.

If you see any of our Bikers out working, feel free to say hello! We are here to serve the San Francisco public, and we think we have one of the best jobs in the city.”

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